Painful Intercourse. Help!?

21 year old womanly here. I've been near my boyfriend for 4 years. 6 months ago we finally decided to hold sex. Sex at first hurt a bit, but now it burns really desperate, to the point where I can't even pinch it anymore.

There was a point where on earth I had a doomed to failure yeast infection, but thats gone now. We are both STD free (we know this for a fact). I don't "lube" very well down there, so we hold gone through some lubrication products.the problem is they all burn and brand sex even more painful.

I don't know what to do anymore. I get the impression horrible. My boyfriend has be wonderfully understanding, but this unharmed situation is making me a nervous depressed wreck! I've have it. This has deeply killed what be left of my already low sex drive and very soon I never even want to try because I am so afraid of the pain. Even when I am completely 100% comfortable/into it, we try and it still hurts. Even when I lube all right naturally!
It's a horrible burning hunch and I don't know what to do! It's unbearable.

I want help realy speedily?

Good Evening,
It is really hard to offer you an online diganoses and you really should see your doctor. It could be many things.

If you are using condomes durring sex you are have an allergic reaction to the latex. It is extremely painful and it really hurts and you will have a feeling that burning type sinsation.

You have vaginitis.. but you said specifically gone now. You are allergic to the lubercations. your ph level are changing.

Semen may be the trigger altering your vagina's chemistry. Other possible triggers are lowered immune resistance; douching; birth control pills; antibiotics; or, cuts, abrasion, or other vaginal irritation (friction from intercourse, fingers or fingernails, or tampons).Friction from intercourse can irritate vaginal tissues, and may make you more susceptible to vaginitis.

Or it also sounds resembling you may have an allergy to the proteins in your boyfriend's semen, also certain as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity (SPH).It's possible to have allergies to adjectives proteins found in most men's semen or to have allergies to a specific party's proteins. Reactions to contact with semen may include localized headache, itching, redness and swelling, or systemic responses, similar to hives or trouble breathing. Most symptoms typically start within 20-30 minutes of contact and can final for hours or days. The severity of the reaction depends on your personal chemistry.
Also, in attendance are a couple possible ways for a health contemplation provider to desensitize a person to semen.

Please travel to your Doctor and let them know. Sometime antibodics inevitability to be taken for vaginitis. Do not sit in pain report to them everything. Let them know you are in alot of pain very soon and really need to be see asap. Obstain from sex until you have this looked into. Never permit your self suffer please.

All My Best
Hope this helped

I hope you find out what this is. Blessings...

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Go see a doctor, for sure.

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Probably time to see a doctor. Might want to try some different positions/angles in the meantime.

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i just use my own verbs spit. you may have a uncommon condition I forget what it is called

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Maybe you have a unwary. Go get it looked at.

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are you using condoms? maybe you are allergic to latex. that's the one and only thing i could have a sneaking suspicion that of. you might have a medical condition though. you should see a doctor

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talk to your gyn give or take a few it. if there is nothin wrong near either of you, after your gyn can suggest things to do and even maybe some instinctive ways to help.

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Try to consult a doctor. They can comfort you better.


think it may be best that you see a doctor. Either you have a infection of some sort i would right to be heard of even and physical problem with your vagina.
Have you tried using some sort of lube? could also be that you are not raining enough when your boyfriend enter you? does he have a really substantial penis? that would make it a bit more affliction full if you are not wet ample. some girls have this problem and have need of some help near lube.

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Horrible burning notion... that's terrible! It isn't supposed to be close to that unless something is wrong. You have to dance to your doctor again. maybe they can detect something presently. tell them exactly what you are recitation us here.

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I can see only two possibilities - hygiene or infection. Take fastidiousness of the first, if the problem persists, see a gyno. BTW, inherent body fluids are better lube than any external petrochemical product; engage surrounded by lots of foreplay, it is romantic too.

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Go see a doctor

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If you use condoms it could be the latex try lamb skin you could be latex allergic.If no condom use.Worse luggage your allergic to him.Yes women can be allergic to mens sperm.If no condoms try regular vasoline it can coat you on the inside so what ever is irratating you can't.Don't try this with condoms it will construct them break.

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i would tell to a doctor and get suggestion. and he might recommend some other type of lube

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I'm glad that you are going to see the gynecologist nearly this because there are a couple of possibilities that could be cause this that the dr may check for. They are: endometriosis and vulvodynia (a painful condition of the vulva-the external genital area) and one of the classic symptoms for both of them (learned this from other women and friends next to these problems and have a problem beside this symptom) is painful intercourse.

To cram more about endometriosis please check out:

To cram more about vulvodynia please check out:

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Get off the contraceptive pill. It creates serious hormone imbalance in a minority of cases. You can use a German calculator/computer i.e. available on the web - for this purpose.

You can see the sense contained by the people who narrate you to get married, because this is the "for better or for worse" factor.

You could have trichomoniasis, but you speak you are not infected, so it is the pill which can cause dryness and shortage of lubrication and burning - vaginitis.

It will take a time for the effects of the hormone to abstain from to have effect and sometimes, mistrust of pain may keep trying, with consequent loss of libido.

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you may enjoy a condition called endometriosis, you call for to see your gyn. there are treatments and medication that can help.

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go to a doctor

Is this normal for a time?

see a doctor

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