Menopause or not ?

I have have spotting of blood for the last two weeks and very soon have get my period is this common in the menopause

Is it alot?

Assuming that you're in the right age bracket- later yes. If you're also getting hot flushes, chills, and have be slightly more irritable then usual consequently these are signs.

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It's very adjectives to have irregular period and spotting if you are near the age for menopause. Still, I would bid or visit my gyn. to be sure. True menopause is over when you enjoy had no period for one year.

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Welcome to the menopause club - I acquire it the other way around.

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Yes its normal, some women get hold of the odd extent during the menopause, if you go for two years minus one, then you can assume its adjectives over!

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Menopause is a stage surrounded by life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a usual part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get plenty calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a daylight. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to eat up bloating associated with hormonal change. More information and remedies at


Everything & anything is normal beside the menopause, the most obvious is hot flushes, but you necessitate to see your Dr & get a blood testing done as that is the with the sole purpose way to find out for sure

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