Endometriosis Question...any aid will be greatly appreciated?

I'm 22 years old and i've have endometriosis for about 10 years. Unfortunatly, every doctor that i saw said that i be exaggerating and i wasnt diagnosed and treated until i was 17. I had a laparoscopy shortly after i graduate high arts school. After the surgery, my doctor relocated to cleavland (i live in atlanta) and time of year was exceedingly irregular. I woudnt have one for months at a time. I begin having hot flashes which get worse as time went on...i passed out within my dorm room once because i was overheated. I am still have problems finding a doctor who will take me seriously and i want to fix the problem. My existence is affected by this every light of day. It's been for a time over a year since i had my later period and after doing some research, i'm starting to ponder that i'm going through menopause. I have adjectives of the symptoms and i'm really afraid of how it will change my vivacity. What if i get married and want to own children one day?...I a moment ago need some suggestion, information, or inspiration at this point.

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Two of the best Endo specialists in the country are right in Atlanta - www.centerforendo.com. Worth at least a stop by to talk to them; they also review cases for free. Check their site for details. Also of interest may be http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/erc... and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/endodocs. Hope that help.

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Don't give up until you find a doctor who will listen to you. Go to your appointments armed beside information you've printed from reliable internet sites (not what someone on womenanswers.org told you - go to medical sites).

It's in danger of extinction for a young woman to run into early menopause, but it's not unheard of. Hopefully here's a reasonable explanation, but you call for to find a doctor who will take you seriously and minister to you find the answers.

If you get married in the future, you could always adopt, or you might still be capable of do in-vitro. I don't know if they could use your eggs, though. It might have to be donor eggs and your husband's sperm. There are several people who enjoy problems conceiving for a variety of reason, and there are frequent support groups that you could join if you extension up being one of those relatives who can't have children easily.

Good luck. Hopefully it's not as bad as you're thinking, but don't obstruction in getting medical attention.

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Hi... I get diagnosed with that, fibroids and ovarian cysts roughly speaking 8 months ago. there really isn't any cure... its terrible, and nobody is very sympathetic... you can't really see endometriosis, nor can anyone let somebody know from the outside when it is hurting you... only you can give an account... and when you have citizens in your duration that doesn't take it seriously or doc who don't sympathize... it doesn't bestow much help. I've hear that doing yoga and exercising a lot and individual in the best form in every aspect (weight, no smoking or alcohol) assistance keep things OK. really, I be aware of your pain, and desire very much in attendance was something more the docs could do.


Perhaps your hormones are basically out of whack. I hope that is the defence if you want to have children. I believe everyone should be capable of have children. I don't believe you would own started out with endometriosis, but it is comparatively possible that you developed it over several years.

I also have the hot flashes, and I am 26. Hot flashes and cold flashes coming in alternating bursts. I go to a Chinese medicine doctor. I hold been getting accupuncture and using Chinese herbal medication to help regulate this unusual problem. They also have help to regulate my cycle. You have to take heed in choosing a doctor. Make sure they are certified as a doctor in your state by getting online or calling the state board of condition to find out before you receive an appointment.

I truly hope you get things sorted out. I enjoy dealt near these types of issues for quite some time too. Doctors recurrently have the panorama point that you are "too young" to have such ailments. My aunt have to have a total hysterectomy when she be 15 years old because she have ovarian cancer, so age is definitely not a factor and you'll lately have to hold looking until you find the right person to relief you.

Good luck!

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Do you know anyone within the area who have endo? Or of a support group for people beside endo? Either way, someone resembling that might have a dutiful idea for who would rob you more seriously.

All the education they find, and sometimes doctors just don't return with it. I'm sure they have more than their unbiased share of people who exaggerate their condition/symptoms, but assuming that the rest of us are full of beans isn't the most productive course to do medicine as far as I'm concerned.

I'm unnerved of going to the doctor because I'm pretty sure I'll learn that I hold endo or PCOS. I don't want to find out that children born of my loins will be unlikely or at least difficult. But my one sister have endo and various other reproductive issues and have two kids--within a year! She later have to have a hysterectomy, but get a couple of kids cranked out anyway. Plus, there are greatly of kids who would love to be adopted by someone who requirements kids more than anything and who could give them a appropriate home with lots of love. I've other figured that I'd adopt at most minuscule one child--preferably a family of children--even if I could (and did) own my own kids, so the notion of adopting is pretty effortless for me to handle. No, it's not like...but it's a good selection.

But worrying about that adjectives stuff won't help you much immediately. Find a good doctor who will listen to you and who is liable to figure these things out beside you, and involving other doctors when/if necessary. Do you own a way to contact your antiquated doctor? Maybe your former doc has a appropriate recommendation for an nouns doc who will listen and help. It could be worth exploring. Sometimes doctors of late need to be stood up to a bit, though...and conceivably one of these who isn't listening at the moment in recent times needs a rouse up call. If you're close to me, you might want to bring a friend or family contributor with you to lend a hand you be brave/persistent with that doc. Arm yourself near good information...it repeatedly takes doctors stale guard and sometimes they are more open to discussion near someone who knows unmistaken things.

Best of luck. I hope and pray that it will all turn out powerfully.

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Yup! Go to another doctor...preferrably a woman, she knows first paw about woman problems.

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You have need of to search for a moral doctor. It may be difficult but keep looking and asking around. *Fixing* endometriosis is not something that's an straightforward fix and many women who hold it become infertile as a result. You will have to be your own suggest and demand to be taken seriously. Any doctor who isn't listen, fire their and move on to another. It's their JOB to listen to you. You are paying them to work for you and backing you with your form issues. Do some research and learn everything you can. Talk to others who enjoy it and find out what they're doing and who their doctors are. Don't give up!

Check these links:

Print out anything that relates to your own issues and filch the info with you to the doctor. Let them know you enjoy done your homework, you know what you're talking around and you want some answer ASAP! Be relentless. Be demanding. No one else is going to help the opening YOU can on your own behalf.

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call Dr Mary Chappell at OB/GYN associates in Marietta, she will pilfer good meticulousness of you

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Have you tried to see a woman gyn or Physicians Assistant, (PA)? I think you will find more compassion from a woman. The Doc should enjoy told you exactly what he did when he treated you. You should be able to bring your records and find out for yourself purely exactly what he did. If you don't understand the info. you do carry, check with a local college. See if they own like a medical assistant program, a student may really similar to helping you figure it out. When you know what have been done to your body you can stop worrying. You may however, enjoy some mourning to do. idk In the meantime, get your doctor to treat your hot flashes. All you have need of is more estrogen. You may be able to find something over the counter that can do equal as well. Good Luck

Blessed Be, and may you find Peace

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number 1.. find your self a GYN that specializes in endometriosis.
technically if you havent have a period surrounded by a year then you are contained by menopause. you need to walk have bloodwork done and that will be capable of tell you if you are or not.
you should recount them that you need a FSH, TSH, and a freeT4.
righteous luck.

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I say, attain married and have children.. Being a mother doesn't niggardly that you have to be a crude birthmother.. ie. adopt. SO many kids out near without family.. I'm considering that step very soon. Good Luck.

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have you have hormone therapy nonetheless ?
keep looking you will find an ob gyn trhat will be capable of diagnose you correctly
at 22 it is not likely you are surrounded by menopause.
about tjhe amenorrea could be cysts on the ovaries, almost every woman develops them and most are benign.
get through well and drink abundantly of water when you win on hormone therapy.

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