What is at the finishing of a girl's vagina?

Hi,I'm wondering, if a man inserts his penis too "in"...and he touches the end of the girl's vagina,what quantity of her body is that?and does that action hurt her or pleasure her?Thanks for a serious answer.

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The cervix is located at the end of the vagina. It is an channel only going on for the size of a tip of a pencil. Yes, very small. Well, it depends on how tough you touch it. If you just thoughtfully rub against it, it will feel resembling a little pressure and some discomfort to the girl. But if you really push, you will hurt her and can possibly exact serious injury. I'm guessing that most women don't like that uncomfortable/painful notion, but I guess it depends on the girl. If you do go "in" too wide, ask the girl if it hurts and then you can adjust to build both of you happy.

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The cervix is at the end of the vagina followed by the womb. Depending on the force he enter with it can inflict severe pain and sometimes injury.

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The cervix is at the extremity.

Usually, when something rubs up against it, it causes some discomfort. Usually that's doomed to failure, unless the mood is right. Sometimes a girl wants it to hurt. 9 out of 10 times she doesn't.

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