Ladies.enjoy you been vaccinate with HPV vaccine and what do you consider of it ?

is it's the process like since, during and after getting vaccinated///

Very embarrassing ask. No boys answer. Or I will track you down.jkBUT PLZ> GIRLS ONLY!?

I am in the process of that too. I only just got my 2nd out 3 shots. I hear that it protects against many types of HPV but not adjectives of them. It doesn't hurt that much. I recommend it if you're going to be sexually active when you gain older.

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I enjoy had two of the three shots. I am not sure how reliable it is, don't know how you would really exam that other than the studies that are out on it. It is of late like any other shot. It go in your upper arm (honestly is the most scratchy shot I've ever had, it really burns!) but after it is over I can't notify anything different.

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oh i have it! i guess that its gonna be a good article to have! first they put the numbing stuff on so it doesnt hurt. Then they put the shot in. (the accual putting the shot in doesnt hurt) it starts to hurt after. not a sting but an hurt. But it goes away surrounded by a few minutes. And when they put the needle within its literally in in that for half a second to a second, afterwards its out. i really think that you should take it! good luck!

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My daughter is in process...she merely had her second shot surrounded by arm I believe. She has have no problems. She just go to the Dr and gets vacinated. You call for to have three shots surrounded by all.

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I agree near SpecialK ....i also have have 2 of the 3 shots and they are the most painful shots i own ever got contained by my life!* .. but after its over beside . its nothing!* .. you can't even relay a difference in your body .. the shot go in your upper arm and you run through a lot of torment .. ..and your done . you have to go and get this shot every 3 months ... i'm due to get my later one in August. Good luck and i hope this help!

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I don't think that it have been tested satisfactory and some lobbyist probably pushed it through to make some money. I wouldn't trust it because we don't know the side effects of it nonetheless and HPV is preventable already by not having unprotected sex. People are pushing to enjoy young girls vaccinate and yet we could be giving them a potential departure sentence or infertility. They used to test vaccines for years. It is too untimely in my belief for it to be on the market.

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