Odds of getting pregnant next to tubal ligation?


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It all depends on how successful the tubal ligation be. There are different methods of tubal ligation, some more painful, expensive, and incapacitating than others. However, it adjectives depends on the success of your surgery. If done properly, the indiscriminate is almost completely 100% effective and durable. However, if pregnancy DOES occur, this creates a hazardous situation for the woman as it will result in an Ectopic pregnancy. Since the fallopian tubes hold been cinched, the egg will be unqualified to travel to the uterus. This will either result within the egg becoming stuck and developing in the fallopian tube or even attaching itself to a vital organ approaching the liver. This is an extremely painful and terminal condition which will require an abortion.

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The likelihood are very slim to none but I enjoy also heard of it occurring so I do know thats it's possible.Odds...Probaly less than 20%.

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Most tubal ligations are successful. Are you discussion about trying to enjoy it reversed? That would depend on many factor including how it was done, how long it have been done, etc. Otherwise, it isn't probable that you would get pregnant after one but it have been set to happen.

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Hi There,
Do U denote 1 tube is tied? I too after a major operation. I was
pregnant but didn't show on pregnancy testing as fetes be growing inside my fallopian tube, then burst hemorrhaging internally. While married at the time my Dr. said I own just as much luck of becoming pregnant as anyone, as u only call for 1 tube for the sperm to enter & have Hubby's direction dance towards the good one, where on earth an egg can grow. He also said an Ectopic pregancy is more likely for a entrant who has already have one & to be carefull when u think u are, of late not a pregnancy test, but Ultra-Sound as ably.
All the Best of Luck,
LOL, Diana D

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