Breast Implants - Questions for Women who have have it done?!?

I'm 5'3" and only weigh around 110 lbs so my 36A breast size seem like it should be proportional, but it isn't and I loathe it! I don't like the channel clothes or bathing suits fit and on top of have a very immature face, I have a feeling as if I look like a babyish girl. I don't want responses to this such as telling me not to do it. I want answers. So here are my question:

1.) Is it possible to get financing if I own yet to build much credit and don't hold a cosigner?

2.) With a certain amount down, which I am assuming most financers require, how much be your payments? (A little personal, I know - but I need as much info as possible!)

3.) What is the REAL reclamation period?

4.) Do prices ebb and flow substantially from state-to-state or area-to-area? If so, is it enough to where on earth it would be worth it to travel (within the country, only!)?

Thanks so much, and if in that is any other info you could give I would really really appreciate it, I'm freshly trying to gater as much info as possible!

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Here is a site that have a lot of women who enjoy gone through it as well as a moral FAQ's section for you:

I cannot assist you with your question as I went the disparate way (reduction).

All I suggest is really researching the doctors you are consulting near as well as the different procedures and ethnic group's opinions biddable and bad give or take a few it.

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Ok, I can't answer questions 1, 2, or 4 becuz I live within Canada, and don't know how the US would handle your financing situation, but here's #3.

The recouping period vary per person. It depends alot on ur body structure, how substantial of an implant ur getting, the type of push in (saline or silicone), where ur slip will be placed (over the muscle, partially underneath the muscle, or fully under the muscle), and which incision site u will be have. Typically if u have severely little breast tissue, ur doctor will recommend placing the implant below the muscle to help conceal the effects of rippling. It can rob anywhere from 6 months to a year to see ur final results (ie. size, shape). The risks of capsular contraction (a build up of scar tissue) are greater with smooth implant as opposed to textured implant. "Bottoming out" (the implant sinking lower than where on earth it was originally placed) can go off if u have frail connective tissue (crease line), or if the implant is too roomy and causing the skin/muscle to stretch and "consent to go" of the implant. Breast set in surgery is considered to be 2 separate surgeries with 2 separate salutary patterns and outcomes. If u started out next to ur breasts being slightly serrated, ur nipples being not the same, or having especially close/very far cleavage, implants will NOT correct this. Basically what ur breasts look similar to now is pretty much what they will look approaching when ur healed...except larger!
The one point I cannot stress enough is, shift to ATLEAST 3 consults before decide on a doctor...this is a big deal, and if u choose the wrong doctor that's not suited to ur comfort plane, and ur body's needs, it can cost u thousands to hold his "oooops" corrected.
Here's a site that I found to be VERY helpful, and the women on near are so supportive (I'm on there too, Dakotagurrl)! Feel free to email me if u call for more info, or would like to see a few pics of my "recuperative stages". Good luck! =)

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I'm a 23 year old-fashioned female, I started as a 34A..or smaller..and I stumbled upon, I emailed the girl and in fact got her to lower her resourceful asking price, so that was great! I wore the system for 6 months, almost everyday for perchance 30-45 minutes each time. I terminated up gaining an entire cup size, which for me, be seriously an answer to my prayers! I've ALWAYS wanted a bigger chest, and I finally get it. I'm satisfied! I guess I wouldnt mind going slightly bigger, but I'm a small girl, so it might look eccentric. Anyways, I really think anyone should present it a's cheaper than the indisputable Brava and better and safer than surgery! And now, since I get such good results, I'm a vendor of these machines as well...hence the christen. :o) You should give it a try formerly you risk your life near surgery or creams, etc.

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