If I enjoy Endometriosis...?

would my uterus lining be thinner or thicker throughout my cycles? I go to have an ultrasound when I be on CD19. My OBGYN stated that my uterus was gooey, which was perfect. I did not ovulate until CD31. Would my uterus allready be thick that untimely before Ovulation? I wasn't sure how your uterus inside layer would be effect if someone had Endometriosis.

Thanks surrounded by advance for the relief and information!

I'm kinda worried?

Same with me! I have a thick uterus bin liner before I ovulated and it be really thick when I ovulated, because approaching you- I ovulate SO late into my cycle.
During the first part of our cycle, our bodies are releasing estrogen- which help build up our uterus for implantation. When we ovulate, estrogen stops and progesteron begins to be released. If in attendance wasn't an egg implanted, your progesterone will drop and shedding of the uterus will begin (menses).
So, it sounds to me as if you don't own Endometriosis. It sounds as if you have long cycles, resembling me! And I'm 9 weeks pregnant!
Are you taking your BBT? It's helpful within knowing if your second half of your cycle (luteal phase) is common or not. Your BBT should remain high for 14-16 days. If it remains elevated for 18 consecutive days, congrats- you're pregnant!!

Good luck Ashley!

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