Repeated Freakout...?

K, I know I asked this question formerly but now my extent has properly past two weeks! and it's single so little I don't want to go to the doctor's but it's really freaking me out! Did this arise to anyone else? What should I do? Does it help to know that I didn't enjoy my period for in the region of two months before I get it this month?

Does a lower weight hold anything to do with a black time?

depends on your age if you are young or haven't be cycling for long it's normal to enjoy irregularities, if you are more mature within years could be peri-menopause, if you are sexually active could be std, virus, diet, physical activity, gland or hormone problem the account goes on, could also be an ovary problem, best to hang around and not panic if pregnancy is a possibility acquire a test, if other symptoms turn out see your gyno!

Missed pills?

If you have be bleeding for two weeks and you haven't had your term for two months before this, the problem is usually hormonal.

Go see a doctor. There is a possibility you could verbs bleeding without a doctor's help out. I know because it happened to me.

See a doctor. Any unusual bleeding is end in for a doctor's care and is result in for various problems varying from hormonal to cancer.

My breasts hurt up to that time my period; what should I wear at darkness?

This happened to me b4. that be when my period first come though.

One time it didn't come for like 3 months. consequently it started showing up two-three times a month.

Birth control pills was the single option.

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