Endometriosis abet please?

I've had endometriosis for a while, but lately the strain has be worse, even between menstruation and ovulation when I shouldn't have symptoms. And for the ultimate month or so I've had mood swings and be irrational. Has anyone had symptoms resembling this? Please help!!

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yes girl i hold had it since i can remember. I have a etopic pregancy because of the condition. What helped me be BC pills, it lessend my cramp, lightened my moods, and also help keep my skin extra clear. Hoped this help?

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I suffer from Stage IV endo and I know exactly what you're going through. Have you ever have surgeries for your endo? It's quite possible that you hold adhesions if you did. Those are extremely bumpy as well and mimic seriously of the same symptoms as endo. I suffer from both and am at the point in time where I am contained by pain abundantly due to these conditions. It's not something that I experienced during my period.it be all month long.

My best piece of direction is to talk near your GYN about hold a lap done so that he can thieve a look around and see what is causing you so much twinge. He may consider putting in some Interceed to help stop the nouns of adhesions, if that's what is cause the pain.

I will you the best. I know what you're going through!

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