What do yo assume about breast implant?

Hey I'm 17 (I know some people read aloud you still have time to grow but I haven't grown for heaps years) I am only an A cup and hold been thinking roughly speaking plastic surgery (for when I'm around 20 or doing well financially) to enhance them to a B or C cup newly so hopefully I could get more confidence as within my family next to 2 sisters who are a D cup and B cup and my mum is a H cup I am the only flatchested one. I don't want really big boobs in recent times normal sized boobs. I hold done the research on the risks which is why I'm asking for other people's opinion.
I would be really grateful if you reply.
Thanks xx

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psyche give it till your 21 and after think roughly speaking it.im 21 and i am still a A cup i know how u feel its not nice...but i dont give attention to i am going to get a boob errand because of so many risks and its trouble-free to buy a gel filled bra/bikini instead..i be considering it at one time and i even have save enough money but i a short time ago cant do it...if i still feel insecure ive arranged to have it done after i hold kids..when ill prob necessitate it more when they go adjectives saggy lol and when you have kids they do grasp bigger!! .models have small chests and they are fashion/sex icon...just try not to consent to it get you down and use other methods...ive hear also that they can ger bigger if you start to use the contraceptive pill.that could be an option...speak to your mother in the order of it...i did and she helped

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For a 17 year mature, one is enough.

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I chew over they are dangerous, but after you will have to be the one that feel it is worth the risk.

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oh i know how tht is. my house is bigchested and im tiny! but..im 14 lol. but i havent grown since 4th grade! i come up with breast implants would be fine. i want em! money might be an issue, but the shows on tv inform tht one implant is approaching 800 bucks which isnt tht bad. of late try to get a pious surgeon and not some sorta dr evil lol but do et if you think itd be best!

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I'm saving up for some, resembling you I've wanted them since my teens. I focus it's good that your waiting til your 20. But if thats what you still want in a couple of years gor for it!

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Hey hun, if the rest of the women in your loved ones are that size, I would definitely make available it a few years. I was a B cup until I be 17. Halfway into being 18, I have a growth spurt and went to a C cup. Now, at almost 20, I've grown to a D in the past couple months. Once they resolve to grow, it can sometimes come REAL fast, inside a month or so you could have larger breasts.

Breasts stop growing when you are in the region of 25, so, if they are still the same size next and you are unahppy with them, you might want to re-look into plastic surgury.

In the meantime, consistency blessed! You don't want to be as big as your mom and have put money on problems in the adjectives, do you?!

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it is not all in the order of the size of your chest really but if you r lacking the confidence i would obtain it done if i was a girl lately aslong as you dont go too big within size and so they dont look stupid going to a B or C will be big enough. whilst i am answering you request for information would you mind answering my question surrounded by the single and dating section call for some advice.

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As a man I don't date women with them. I find the women near them are too superficial. Of course when I go to the boobie shaft...I don't mind them.

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I think you are going give or take a few it the right way. Doing hte research and wanting to hang around til 20 is a great idea because it give you time to think going on for it and also gives you time to transform your mind if you decide you resembling yourself just the channel you are.

I hope that if and when you do decide to attain the surgery, that you do as much research in finding the right doc as ably. I have hear some pretty bad horror stories along near others who are very unworried..

Good luck to you.

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Considering breast size is usually genetic I'd say make a contribution yourself some more time and you will be OK.
I have be a dd since like middle academy and 125 lbs. I'm 22 now and I can`t bear having big boobs. You cant buy partially the cute shirts that are avaiable. Mostly because they cut them for girls who are smaller, and never for girls with bigger boobs. So really if your ok next to only anyone able to buy boring t-shirts for the rest of your existence then walk for it. But think roughly speaking it before you do. Also do you really want all the guys out near thinking your fake? Guys resembling natural

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i would right to be heard to give it a moment or two time (like you said, about 20) or once you draw from out of high academy for 2 reasons...
1. although it may not give the impression of being like it, you are going to keep hold of growing untill about age 20.
2. if you bring them while in dignified school, you are going to take a lot of crap roughly speaking it from people that you probobly dont want!

i enjoy small boobs too, and if you are an athlete, then travel for a B cup if you do get implant. also, hearing roughly speaking your family branch's size, you will probobly follow that trend eventually, it just take time. so, maybe by age 20, and if you still dont surface comfortable with your size, dance to a surgeon and ask him/her about the cost and procedure. devout luck!

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I dont think in attendance is anything wrong with have it done... Im glad your sensible enough to say-so that you will do it when your 20 or when you have the money. because i dont believe surrounded by spending money you dont have.

It also honest that you dont want really massive boobs coz i think to be precise stupid aswell, i think if you own the money, it will boost your confidence then travel for it.

Speak to your mum as well she might know how to help you and i suggest to find somewhere that someone recommend because the last item you want is for something to go wrong you could be smaller quantity confident than you are now.

Best of luck hun xx

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Speaking as someone who have had this op 24 years ago I would articulate, do as I did and wait until you are a bit elder and when you are absolutley sure you have finished growing afterwards seriously consider it. It is something I have never regretted. I cannot get these 'IT' girls who go bigger and bigger when they are already an fitting size , but if like me, you cannot wear nice clothes because you are completely flat, afterwards I would say dance for it. Go to your doctor for a referal to a specialist and be realistic when you choose your size, it looks freshly as bad to be artificially hulking. good luck.

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Hi, I chew over that it is too early to dream up about it. You are still drastically young and I am sure that your breasts will grow more. tons girls do not have big breasts at that age, and the nouns of your body isn't still over, so just hang around for all that, and do not gross such ans important ruling yet. MY suggestion to you would be to try not to focus only on this section of your body, don't think so much on it, promote your personality and nobody will caution about how big your breasts are. There is also a big true that when have baby your breast will grow for sure, one or two numbers (B, C) so be forgiving for couple of years. Every operation is a risk, so this is very risky too. There is also a problem of post-operational way of living, as I own heard you will enjoy to change somehow passageway of living so that your new breast could preserve shape and not disturb anything in your body. If there is no a medical apology for doing it, that do not do it...but it si just my counsel and point of view. I hope that you will bear care of yourself, what ever the result will be. Regards!

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From a guys point of landscape, you are fine the way you are. I atleast detest big plastic implants. I approaching the all automatic feeling!

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NO dont do it! First of adjectives you DO still have time to grow girls can hold growing til theyre like 25. There enjoy been ancestors who have beenflat chested till 18 later had HUGE boobs, how wud u be aware of if u got pumped up a couple sizes afterwards u grew urself? ud have to wear a sturdy bag on ur rear legs to keep u suspended!

Also, except for a few cases, breast implants are pointless, u necessitate to learn to love urself. If its to acquire guys, wud u rle want a guy who wud only be in motion out with you if u have bigger boobs? And there are relations in other countries where on earth they need a few hundred pounds for a untried LEG so they can walk again! How culture can have the conscience to spend thousands of pounds on putting plastic in urself, i dont know.

And visualize if you ever have children, when u breastfeed, u will be feed ur children PLASTIC!

Your body is beautiful, no event what, u need to remember that its what make you YOU! :)

22 years old and still going through puberty! llol?

Does it really concern that guys DON'T stare at your chest all the time?
LoL. Sometimes I expect I would prefer that instead..

Well, I think you are one very smart almost this by waiting especially since some girls are simply late bloomers, close to me for example. Not too long ago I was still an A cup & immediately a year later I'm almost a C cup & I in recent times turned 18.

Personally I'm against breast implants as in attendance are complications & it's a pretty pricey surgery that may go wrong. Plus, near are a lot of guys out in attendance who would prefer natural breast (even if they may be small) because they enunciate implants don't discern anywhere close to the softness of all naturals. Oh, & not to mention greatly of models have small breast which is VERY MUCH agreed in the craze world.

But it's all up to you. Today's society places wayyy too much expediency on physical beauty which is why here are too many individuals who discern uncomfortable next to their own skin. But I do very much regard you're being responsible next to this decision & I hope adjectives goes in good health if whenever you do get those implant.

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IMO I don't think you should acquire them. You do have a few more years where on earth you could end up spurting and getting bigger.

Also most guys I know can`t stand the feel of implant and like the tangible feel of breasts.

They also resembling anywhere from "just a handful" to the bigger the better, so don't be so self conscious in the region of your size because your relatives are bigger than you.

If you do go through next to it, please research like crazy from NOW until you are financially competent. The more you know about this surgery the better equipped you will be when you hoof it in for a consultation.

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just sounds strange to me that you can buy something to change your physical appearance

putting something below your skin-nope, cant see the reasoning

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No No No I have be present on many breast enlargment/implantationoperati... that have been essentially for women who have be affected by breast cancer. I do not know why anybody would want to do this to their body intentionally

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if it will put together you happy, do it

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Hope this helps.

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