My period last 8-10 days is that okay?

I am getting really confused. I got my first term in April, afterwards my second in May, my third contained by June, and now I get it again (June 28th). But, that's not my question.

All of my period have last around 8-10 days. Some answers have said that's mundane, then others said that I might hold some disease or cyst! and that is really scare me! I read online that teenage girls' cycles are commonly longer and heavier than they should be, but later in another paragraph it said that if your time lasts more than 7 days you inevitability to consult your doctor!

I am really confused and I just want your give support to!

Thanks in finance,

Why can't ANY doctor give me an answer in the region of a HUGE lump in my breast?!?!?!?!?!?

Don't verbs, mine are the same instrument. Everyone has a different cycle, so I don't see how a few days longer of a spell can cause such a primary problem. Don't worry something like it. Let your body do it's thing. =)

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That's perfectly common, no you don't have a disease!! Mine are hard to digest and last just about 7-8 days and one of my friends lasts 12 days!! She say it sucks but she got checked out and that's how long hers is gonna ultimate. It can range from lone 3 days to 12 so don't worry roughly it. Oh yeah and about the date, you are just irregular since you in recent times got your extent. Be prepared to probably not get it for a few months, it's going to be adjectives over the calendar for a year or two so don't worry if it doesn't come for awhile. Just hang on to an extra pad or two surrounded by your locker just within case it comes unexpectedly. Hope this help!!

Is tis Conjunctivitis? please answer?

when you first get your spell it is gonna be irregular. it could last 8 days or it could single last 2 .. or you could ever skip a couple.... only just dont worry in the order of it . everything is normal

Help me shop for over the counter birth control please! =)?

I hold had period last anywhere from 3 - 8 days,
but usually 5.

Everyone is different, even monthly.

If your flow is very very cloying ( using a pad an hour)
I would natter to your mom and Dr.

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