One of my breasts are bigger than the other and still in da process of growing iz this normal?

serious answers single plz thnk u

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Yes dear this is normal ----it will soon arrest up with the other one I promise----just constituent of puberty.
Good Luck!

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totally common, don't worry.

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It is completely normal for one breast to be larger than the other. In reality, most women have one breast to be exact larger than the other. You are probably putting more focus on the breast that is larger, and so it doesn't give the impression of being like the other one is still growing, when in actuality, it probably is. I wouldn't verbs about it unless it is prickly, or you have some features of bump. In that case, I would consult your doctor. If you are really worried roughly it, ask your doctor anyway. That is what they are there for!

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hey - weave my club. My left one is a full cup size bigger than my right & its impeccably normal although annoying trying to capture a bra that fits both. I think it have something to do with the extra blood flow from the heart or something. Dont verbs about it at adjectives. I've been this mode most of my life & breast-fed adjectives 3 of my kids with no issues. Although, if you eel any mode of lumps or bumps that is making one bigger tha the other, you should enjoy this accessed by your doctor

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it's mundane unless you have your extent. if u have your time than it should still grow till a age but the the diff sizes i wud ask a docor and a truthful one

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Quite typical! I really don't think you hold anything to worry in the order of, especially since you are still growing..
Just have fun, and soak up the summer..

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yes, that is clearly normal. tons women's are two different sizes. i've actually read an article motto that women whose breasts are the same size are more probable to get breast cancer, but probably can't really believe that its that instrument for everyone. mine are, its annoying in like bathing suits but you return with used to is and end up only just not caring.

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It is perfectly ordinary, though close, humans are not symmetrical in any part of the pack of our bodies. Examine your ears, one is higher than the other, check out all along your arms, odds are that one is slightly longer than the other. The same is true for your breasts, it is immaculately fine to have one larger than the other, and shouldn't be a lead to of concern unless there are other symptoms. My mother took me for an nouns because of this when I was around twelve, I found the experience to be completely humiliated and embarrassing because of my age, I scrounging, teenage girls enjoy enough anxiety in the order of their bodies. The only benefit I gain was the reassurance that I be okay. From this, I assure you, it is normal, but if you are still concerned you can check beside a doctor as well. They will probably even out more as you age, though they may never be clearly the same, and this is okay. Breasts are divine even when different, mine still are, and no man has ever complained.

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Completely. No 2 breasts are exactly equal size (Unless they have have the help of a surgeon). Don't verbs. I'm sure most people can't even narrate.

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Yep, don't worry almost it. Most chicks have two breasts of different sizes. Guys deduce nothing of it.

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