Why do the man-ladies of thailand maintain their penis after having breast implant?

i cant understand why they dont net the full transformation to a woman? do they still like to be recognised as men also or do they savour being partly man half woman?

How do men adjudicate if sex was apt or bad?

They are clearly confused

Ladies lone please. Have you ever had colonic irrigation and did it cause you feel revived and alive?

It's difficult to make a functioning vagina. If they take their penises off, what will be their sex enthusiasm?

I had A Question About Pregnant Women.?

First if they have no penis they wouldn`t be lady boys. Secondly lot of these guys see it as a powerfully paid position and when they become too old or stop doing it they grasp the implants out and return to one guys.

Can this be because of birth control or am i pregnant?

Why is this in womens condition?

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