Menopause, and Everyone I Know Is An Idiot?

I am going through it, I am 51, and I want to scream insults at almost everyone I work next to. There are a few I like, but the others I want I could tell them what I believe of them.

I know menopause is why I want to do this, but nonetheless, they ARE creeps and losers.

Has anyone else been through this? What did you do that help you? Is there anything?

Is masturbation conventional?--- for male?

Been in attendance, done that, didn't actually kill in cold blood anyone but it was close a few times. LOL!

I have extreme endometriosis, and pretty much had PMS and distress for 3 weeks out of every month. When I felt the PMS come on, I'd put on alert my husband. He knew ample to pretty much stay out of my way and depart from me to myself for a few days. I hated that being I became. I have a heap of apologies to brand when that Evil Woman finally went away. Still, I be responsible for how I behaved no business how I felt. If I know I was going on for to blast away, I'd take a few philosophical breaths and force myself to speak civilly.

If your doctor can't find something to help, progress to a health food store and ask what's unsullied to help within that area. Good luck!

I enjoy a weird spot on my arm what can it be? (pic)?

Your doctor can furnish you pills,but for me there be too many side effects.

Can Doctors?

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