I previously posted a question in the order of endometriosis and going to my doctor, i didn't think she would rob me seriously.

She didn't, she said i was too babyish and as im not actively trying for a baby in that is nothing she could do if i have endo so there isn't any point in trying to find out if i enjoy it.

I've read that endo gets worse near age, so isn't it better if i find out now?

She didn't even permit me tell her my symptoms... (which include adjectives the typical endo symptoms painful sex, fruitless period pains and womanly relative has endo etc)

I am within the process of changing my doctor anyway, how can i draw from across to my new doctor that this is a serious verbs, and despite my age i would like to thieve it further and find out if i do have endo...

Any answers welcome

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I deem I may have posted on your later question, but you should seriously ruminate about seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. They specialize here type of thing and they WILL bear you seriously! I've moved several times recently and own NEVER had a doctor not help yourself to me seriously, so you unfortunately simply found the one bad apple within the bunch.
She obviously doesn't know what she's conversation about because at hand are plenty of treatment options for endo lacking you trying to get pregnant.
There's BCP's - they regulate your period and diminish pain. You could try Meclomen, it's an NSAID resembling Aleve or Advil but it works in an extra path - it reduces your flow. Less flow technique less headache. There's progesterone, she can send you to a dietician for a special diet/exercise plan that'll support.
Lupron will basically shock your body into shrinking the cell until they disappear.
Thre are TONS of options higher than a laparoscopy which will allow the doctor to burn/cut out the cells. Cutting is more potent than burning them out. I'm having my second laparoscopy subsequent week. You shouldn't listen to this doctor.
My local newspaper have what's called 'the best of the best' or 'doctor's choice' you could see if your local serious newspaper rates doctors. That's how I found my last doctor and I'm so glad I did! Good luck!

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If it is a dutiful doctor you will not have to convince him or her. If the symptoms are at hand and there is a ancestral history that is plenty. Age has nought to do with it and the sooner it is treated and monitored the better. It will become worse next to age and can cause infertility.

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That's honourable that you are changing doctors because you distinctly need a contemporary one. When I had endometriosis my first doctor wouldn't listen to me, any. He just said I have bad cramps. His nurse be even rude to me on the phone when I first called to capture an appointment. She acted like I be just another knocker with tight periods. Oooo.it infuriated me! I now went home and call another doctor. This doc was fabulous. He be used to treating endometriosis and wasn't intimidated by it. Some doctors just don't want to treaty with it.

It is patently better for you to find out now if you enjoy the disease and get it treated. The disease does catch worse with time and a doctor should be concerned in the order of your well-being as well as your future fertility. My second doctor be quite concerned in the order of getting my endometriosis treated because it can cause infertility.

You really can't "get things across" to a doctor if he/she is unwilling to listen. You just enjoy to keep shifting doctors until you find one that knows the disease is serious and itchy. One thing you can do surrounded by trying to find another doctor is when you call, ask if the doctor is comfortable with and will treat endometriosis. I originally thought that any gynecologist would be acquainted with diagnosing and treating endometriosis, but I quickly found out that they aren't.

Good luck beside your search and don't supply up in finding a benevolent and knowledgeable doctor.


i hold endo and im turning 21 soon. mines really painful and during sex. im have surgery to get cleaned out. if u want to chat email me.

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Your doctor is completely devoid of adjectives facts about Endo and you would do ably to find a new one.

Endo have been found surrounded by women of all ages;post-hysterectomy, post-menopause, pre-menarche. There enjoy even been reports of it individual discovered in infants upon autopsy. The average rearrangement in diagnosis is 9 yrs. over the course of 5 doctors, because of physicians close to yours who spout misinformation. You can have Endo at practically any age, and you really don't need be trying for a babe to warrant treatment. Up to 70% of teens with pelvic discomfort have be found to have Endo at the time of surgery, so youth does not confer any protective benefits against the disease.

There are some interactive tools you can review near your doc here: http://www.endocenter.org/pdf/2007screen...

Also, consider seeing a specialist for at least a consult:


And you might find another unmarked doc for regular care here:


For more assistance and support:


Good luck to you and don't give up until you take the help you stipulation and deserve.

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my doctor wouldn't do anything until i was trying to find pregnant either.

it's not really a discouraging thing, within's just not much they can do for it except treat your symptoms as they come, and they don't want to hinder your break of becoming pregnant anymore than endometriosis already does.

Is this silly? (girls question)?

most doctors that i have met are burned out zombies - find a doctor who is awake alive and listen to you.

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