I just read here that 1 out of 4 women attain cervical cancer from tampoms, is that true? C'mon!?


Having a period?

Highly unlikely. While the exact wreak is not known contained by most cases of dysplasia, the vast majority of cervical cancer cases are cause by HPV, which is sexually transmitted. The rest are most likely purely people who are predisposed to return with cervical cancer and dysplasia.

There is very little odds that this urban myth is true..probably ANOTHER bit of filthy propaganda put out there by those anti-tampon psychos who LIKE to wear lumps of crap between their legs 3 months out of the year.

Birth control?

I focus that's bull.

P.M.S. caused by a organic hormone during that time called ' Oestragen ' . . . Ever hear of that ?

That is completely false. While you can get Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampons (which comes from microbes and leaving the tampon surrounded by too long) you cannot get cancer.

The main cause of cancer of the cervix is cause from HPV, the human papiloma virus. It is usually transmitted through sexual contact.

Does taking birth control affect your ability to reflect on?


How much am I suppost to weigh?

yeah that's pretty ridiculous. Are you sure it didn't say that 1 contained by 4 women will get an STD that could front to cervical cancer? I'm fairly faultless that's true. That's why they're giving out that new injection for the STD.

But yeah, the tampon thing is totally false. The individual thing you can obtain from tampons is toxic shock syndrome (which by the way is still pretty rare)

Does anyone bleed sometimes when they orgasm?

That is not true, pocket it from me, i think i know bcuz my mom is a nurse, and she have a medical book right here on the desk...why dont u educate urself u should know better unless ur resembling a 9 yr. old

Missed time for 2 cycles - not pregnant. What could it be?

cervical cancer is caused by a virus call HPV which is sexually transmitted. there is a vaccine out for it too if you're worried give or take a few it.

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