Question about the latest cervical cancer shot.?

Can a girl have sex in the past she gets the different cervical cancer shot. Can somebody show me proof of their answer so I know for sure. Thanks.

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Yes she can have sex but I would not recomend this shot for any girl until she investigates it. I work in a doctors bureau and I have spoken to the represenative of this shot and even the represenative is not fully educated on this shot. Our doctors question her and there be issues she did not know the answers to and information that she was recitation us that was false. The vaccine have not been out long adequate for any long term side effects to go down. I recomend just using protection ALWAYS and use precautions if she is have sex to not get HPV(the virus that can inflict cervical cancer)

I have swot about oxytocin injection that abundant peopls use it on female for sex.after using on feminine .?

Sure, but you still might get the virus!! The point is, that girls should grasp the vaccine before they're sexually moving to prevent getting the virus. It's like getting the flu until that time getting the flu shot...kinda pointless, but it may work against other strains.

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The point of the shot, that doesn't actually work, is used to prevent cervical cancer, so if you have sex prior to getting the shot, that kind of ruins the point doesn't it? (But you can still carry cervical cancer without have sex)

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