This is chance but I love smelling women's used panties but I am not a lesbian or anything. Is this okay.?


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Please please please please please do not listen to these narrow minded empire. You DO NOT have a problem. You DO NOT want to seek comfort. It is OK to smell a woman's used panties. It is far more common near men but not unheard of by girls. I don't know why people reason there is something wrong near harmless olfactory exploration.

Have you notice?

It's a fetish.

Will taking this affect my birth control pill?

I don't know..
it sounds a bit weird tbh.

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if you are ok near it..

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it not okay.if truth be told you have some kinda complex in side you , which breed you do it.

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yeaa..sounds wierd. get support.

Question for women?

well i dont think so.. something is wrong next to dat i never hear something like dat up to that time. wen i hear something like that i deem u kind of approaching gurl in a path . Maybe u hiding it or dont want no one 2 know. Come on be actual with yourself. How do u discern wen u do dat. Good ? then u mite enjoy feeling for women alittle. unless you is sick contained by the head.

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i agree with r.m.s

whats wrong near you darl?...

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No it's not. You appear to have a problem and you should speak beside someone about it. First see you family connections doctor, he'll advise you and reasonably possibly make an appointment for you to some mental vigour group.
This is not a single problem but, some people hold this habit, it's best to treat it in a minute before it get out of hand and you achieve into trouble.

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Smell yours.

How many females out at hand can not have an orgasm during intercourse?

that's unusual, go seize help!! be wondering.. you don't get caught doing it?xD

(you know the word) women's chest areas..?

It is ok to do it if you want to. It is a item mostly done by men.
Men even pay to own females send them used panties.
I focus it shows that you are a very sexual character.
Good luck hope you are getting a good supply.

Is everyone have a safe and relaxed easter? Did the Easter Bunny come?

It's a fetish or just something that you close to to do. It's like some women who approaching to smell a man's sweat. I would say if you're going to verbs smelling women's worn panties, just build sure she doesn't mind you smelling them lol. Remember everyone is different and get your sniff on woman lol!

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no hum sounds weird,...why on globe would you want to sniff them..dirty undies belong in th bath with disinfected and wasing soap

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thats pretty chance... w0w

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