PLEASE support me?

Just recently, iv be getting in these moods-particuraly with my boyfriend of two years, i love him near all my heart and hes proved his love for me countless times by putting up near my little outbursts.
i get really angry and i a moment ago need t be on my own for a few minutes-if i dont achieve these few minutes i end up swearing and screaming at whoever im next to, and i hit out, i hurt myself too, but all the while inside im pleading myself to stop, telling myself i purely want to cuddle him and say im sorry-but i cant stop-i ruin having frenzy attacks and until im completely drained of energy and tears i CANT stop,
someone please explain why im doing this, why i cant stop and how i can stop

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you need to step talk to a doctor or robustness professional asap because these are pretty intense mood swings and it sounds like some sort of hormonal inequity rather than anything else, own you changed any medication, started or come off the pill, could you be pregnant, or masses other things could be effecting you.
also talk to your boyfriend, show him this ask of write it down if you can't talk to him, permit him know how much you love him and how much he means to you and tolerate him know you are scared of how you are behave and want him to help you gain through it...
i think the madness attacks/crying are a result of fears -not understanding what is happenning to you -being alarmed of losing your boyfriend, so they are like a subsidiary reaction because you don't however know how to deal next to what's going on...
rest assured it is likely to be something that can be sorted out once you see the doctor and start to comprehend what is happenning to you

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Pop along to your doctor, these mood swings to be occurring for any number of reasons and it's other best to get a professional assessment. Best of luck.

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listen friend, my wife was close to you and this way of behave brought me to despise her. do you love your boyfriend try changing your attitude or you'll lose him

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This does not sound similar to a typical problem....I would suggest a doctor. Please don't take offense but sometimes we adjectives face things that we don't take in and sometimes a doctor will have an answer that they are cultured to help us beside.

Birth Control?

Sounds like you own a hormone imbalance.
Go to your G.P.
There are like mad of drugs available on prescription that will help this condition.
You must get hold of help.
It will lone get worse and spoil your relationship.

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Is it around your extent when you get these mood swings? If so probably the doctor could help you beside some medication. Having said that my PMS has become worse over the later few years my husband just treats it as a admonitory sign that my period is due!

Or are you on the pill? I found that when I be on the pill I'd get unforgivable moods swings crying one minute laughing the next and next angry, it didn't stop until I stopped the pill!

If you're really that bad verbalize to your doctor and be honest it could be something more but easily treated if your doctor know all the facts.

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Please see your dr because this could be a sign of something physically wrong such as a hormone inequality.

Is it my period?

Um the moon might be affecting it or a hormonal disparity go to see your GP he will be the most relieve.

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There could be any number of reason for how your feeling, best collaborate it over with your Doc.

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