I hold a question going on for breastfeeding and nipples.?

I have have 3 babies--oldest just turned 6 years aged. I have breast-fed adjectives 3 for at least the first 3 months of their lives. I notice after our first child that I have see spots--looks like a big freckle--around my areola. Is this majority? I have assumed so, since the doctors never made mention of it during any of my regular exams.

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Yes this is a everyday change that occur in abundant people

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go for another check up jst incase please

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Paranoid, but please answeresp. if u have a medical perspective?

Just ask them real speedy if it's normal subsequent time you stop by.

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Just because you doctor doesnt mention anything doesnt mean you cant ask.
I own not heard of that although I enjoy yet to own a woman volunteer the info to me.

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i requirement to see a picture

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its absolutely ordinary!

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You are the mother of three children and did breast feed to all three. Nothing to verbs this is normal to adjectives ladies of your age this has nil to do with breast feed.
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I believe this be a normal effect of breastfeeding, however I would check near my obgyn just to be on the not dangerous side. I noticed that after our son be born and breastfed my wife's aerola's became dark, (trust me this is coming from a breast loving man so ya know I noticed lol) resembling I said earlier I believe this is regular, but get your doc to check it out. Hope this help.

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