Do insurance policies cover a tubal ligation for a woman who has never have children?

I am 29 and I never want to have kids. I don't currently enjoy coverage, but I may soon. I remember hearing somewhere that it is with the sole purpose covered if the woman has have three children allready.

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I don't know why it would be that way. I have mine done when I only have one kid, and my insurance covered it. I have a friend that have hers done with no kids. If you don't already own a doctor willing to do it, you might enjoy a problem finding one who will do it because they are scared you'll tuning your mind and come back on them. So start looking presently. My friend got to where on earth instead of actually going in and paying the copay for a call in, she would call and ask the nurse if the doc would do it for someone who have no kids.

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depending on where on earth you live there are rules to this depending on age how tons children you have and such and they probably wont unless its medically important.

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yea ins covered mine i was 21 at the time but i am overweight and plus i didnt want to hold children and well he thought that be best for me. But i guess the doc will chat with u on that and he will want to spawn sure u dont want no children at all to.

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eeewwww.. you seem creepy babe. Anyhow purely call the friggin ins. co. & find out !

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