How do i know that im wash my ** correctly, if it still smells funny sometimes?

How should I wash it afterwards?

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wash near mild soap and water, zilch else. wipe from front to back to avoid dragging rectal germs towards the vagina. do not use any of these sprays or scented body rinse. worst of all, dont ever douche into your vagina. within are many little organisms that live surrounded by your vagina and they are supposed to be there to maintain it healthy. when you start using adjectives these things you can upset the balance and allow some types of microbes to overgrow, very adjectives it is called bacterial vaginosis. if you hold it, you will need antibiotics from the doctor but it is exceptionally easy to treat and no big concord.

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Um sorry, but I ruminate you should edit your put somebody through the mill...the word you use got starred so I dunno what you put.

But if you indicate what I *think* you mean, consequently a little smell is regular. It's just getting rid of germs, which is good so you don't bring back an infection.

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a vagina is always going to smell similar to a vagina, but if it smells unusually bad you may own a mild yeast infection which could be helped of late by eating yogurt every daylight, or it could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis which you'd need to see a docotor to receive anti-biotics for.

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fds spray summer eve wash odor blocking power

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you could enjoy an infection, but if it normally freshly smells funny i would say try varying your diet.. your parts will smell differently depending on what foods you eat.

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The foremost question is when does it start smelling again. There are plentiful products out in your local drug store that could abet you with this problem. I no that it can be crushing to go to a store and buy it but its natural life and its nothing to be ashamed of. Its natural life.

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