Do the cervical cancer shots HURT?

im 14 and im getting them next checkup i enjoy with my doctor which is by the finishing of summer...i have a few questions

1. DOES IT HURT?!?!!? i hear they do bc they put them in your arm muscle or hip or something
2. which is smaller amount painful? arm or hip? i own like no hip so will that hurt more?
3. which shot hurts the most? the 1st 2nd or 3rd?

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A little, but they are worth it. Look at adjectives you gain! Just do some deep breathing exercises.

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each entity feels misery differently. think of it this channel -would you like a moment or two bit of pain very soon from the vaccination or the biopsies and chemo when you bring the cancer diagnosis later?

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If you don't plan on self sexually active since you are married, then please look into the risks involved previously you get the shot. All vaccines enjoy risks, just engineer sure you are going to get the benefits that formulate it maybe worth it.

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i recommend the arm..ive never heard of anyone doing it in the hip and wasnt given that selection, so im wondering where you hear that.
ive had the first 2 shots of it, and it hurts approaching crazy right after the needle, but approaching the aftermath..your arm will be sore for like two days
i have an idea that the second one was worse than the first, and ive hear from friends the third is not as bad as the second
i know i made it give the impression of being awful because i wanted to describe it accurately but its really not THAT desperate..if you cant take the soreness verbs about you, its pretty damn wimpy. angelic luck..yes youll be glad when its over but its no big deal

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ok it does hurt . but , if u get it i ur hip u will know how to walk it bad and the pain (wwhich is little ) will stir away. now my stonmach hurt impressively badly and i have to miss a day of institution each time. i obtain my 3rd in september. no worries the stomach spasm was one within about 200. i come up with well perfect luck

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every single shot hurts
not freshly hpv either
ok im only just about to run my 3rd (im 12)
and u know it doesnt hurt as muc has it does sting.
it really merely stings a little.

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im gonna get my 3rd surrounded by august. they do hurt afterwords. i hate them. i truly feel nautious afterwords. but thats probably in recent times me. they really aren't that bad. ehh. but im not excited for my subsequent shot.

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