I have have extreme fatigue and nausea lately...?

im not pregnant, but my mother is anemic, i was wondering if anyone here is anemic and what they're symptoms be, and whether i should get blood work done to check? its gotten so fruitless that i sometimes have trouble staying awake in my classes and the nausea is usually at hours of darkness time or early morning. i stipulation some help! any is appreciated! thank you !

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wen i was anemic i be soooo f ing tired!!. i walked adjectives around nyc and i nearly fainted. ask ur doc to refer u to a lab to procure blood work. they might get u to cart iron or for u to jus eat greens. its annoying but curable. its jus an iron lesser amount.

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My cousin is anemic, he would have trouble ingestion and at times hold his meal down. He lost seriously of weight and have to go on a special diet. Yes! you should emphatically get blood work done, don't give somebody a lift a chance. Good luck beside that and hope that it's nothing too serious.

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