Am I suppose to get another extent?

I started my period at the running out of May around the 27th and it ended on June 4.I thought that since my interval came at the ending of May that I should have received another one at the of conclusion of June but I didn't.Is there a possiblity I could be pregnant or should i be expecting one in July sometime?

What do you deem are the factors contributing to the lower ages in beginning of menstruation in childlike girls?

There is a chance that it is a short time ago off. Personally, I can commence between the 28th and 32nd day! But, if you are sexually involved and unprotected, only a pregnancy experiment will tell for sure if you could be pregnant.


periods can be rather off sometimes, so you will gain it soon in july. Sometimes mines is a week precipitate or late.

After a gyno appt?

It's simply late! It's not exactly a month! You're still irregular. It take up to 2 years to become regular so you're perfectly fine. No worries. Mine come a week late previously.

Is it ok to go swimming next to a very feathery period but it is singular there when u wipe beside nothing on?

relax, you're robaly basically a little unsettled. stress, diet change, more sex than usual can adjectives cause it to be stale a couple weeks! now, by he termination of July you still haven't go it, ok than I would buy a exam!

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