Endometriosis - any counsel?

My partner has in recent times found out that she has endometrioma ( 5 - 6cm) on one ovary, or close to it. She was given a shot of Lupron Depot. Has anyone have this before? Just looking for common information, concerns, etc. We are both ex-pats living in an Asian country and sometimes the communication with doctors can be a bit difficult.

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An endometrioma is a cyst that, unlike other types of cysts that fill beside fluid, they are filled near blood/old blood-they are also commonly called chocolate cysts b/c of the brown color they usually give somebody a lift on due to the old blood. This type of cyst should be removed. Endometriosis is when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus. The tissue inside of the uterus responds to the body's hormones and make the uterus lose the lining it prepares surrounded by case of a pregnancy-a women's time of year. but when this tissue grows outside of the uterus it does the same thing-it bleeds-but unlike in the uterus it does not enjoy anywhere to leave the body so the surrounding area/tissues/organs become inflammed and irritated. So, if that endometrioma she have ruptures she will likely own a lot of cramp and the blood inside will have no where on earth to go and will further the problem by irritating the surrounding nouns. She needs to see a dr. that specializes contained by endo and have it excised. my personal opinion-I veto to take lupron and I don't give attention to is should be given before she have been diagnosed, an endometrioma can be found on an ultrasound but endometriosis can simply be diagnosed through a laporascopy-surgery. Lupron puts you into medical menopause so she will endure seriously of the symptoms of menopause. I would research lupron like crazy, some women say-so it has help them while others claim horrible side effects that last long after the lupron have been stopped-and it is not a cure and is individual FDA approved to take no more than 2 courses of the treatment surrounded by a lifetime b/c the long term effects are not specified. Try researching it on remedyfind.com or askapatient.com to read real experiences of women who enjoy taken it. my best suggestion is to research endometriomas and endometriosis, try your best to find a dr. that specializes in it and can successfully "excise" not "laser" the disease-best chance at long long-term relief, near is no cure despite what the dr.'s may tell you. And don't be surprised if the lupron affects her moods-common side effect. Good luck-hope this help.

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A growth of endometrio tissue ouside the uterus. What was the shot supposed to do. My medical book say that this condition can cause severe backache and infertility.

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Ahhh Lupron.I own been on lupron several times suufering from endometriosis for many years, i have it on the bowel, appendix, bladder, just roughly everywhere you can have it. Lupron puts your body into a menopause stopping your time of year in hopes stopping the the endometriosis, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not depending on the severity of the endo..Lupron cause the sames side effects as menpause (i think escalated because it is artificially brought on) hours of darkness sweats, moodiness, ect. but if it gets rid of the endo it will be worth it. I tried copious drugs nothing worked for me and i get a hysterectomy at 34 but i had a SEVERE shield. Hopefully, this will work for your partner. I am guessing they lazered the endo and then give the lupron?.Good luck to you both

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Had it severe, ended up next to a hyster after trying any and all treatments. A co-worker however, get it lasered and got pregnant. No two cases alike. Lupron give me severe migraines and hot flashes, didn't really work. They should be taking estrodial levels periodically throughout treatment. Various birthcontrol pills can be used to preserve it at bay as capably as laprascopic surgery to remove as much as possible. It sounds like your partner would enjoy a Stage I case which really should be treatable. By the time I be diagnosed it was already Stage 4. Kudos to the doctor for finding it so untimely. You may want to consider pregnancy as soon as you are able to work out the timing so if it get more severe you don't end up near fertility problems. Vitamin E 400IU really helps the hot flashes as does abstaining from alcohol.

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