My girlfriend always worries nearly getting cervical cancer..Is there anything I can do to permit her know its ok?

Many young women win this disease and her bestfriend's sister died from this two years ago and she was solitary 29!!
She only lived 9 months after mortal diagnosed with it!
My g/f is exceptionally fearful because she's been told that it sneaks up on you.
What can I do to serve?

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i am so sorry to hear this, but you will be glad to know that within are many ways that she can prevent this stirring to her. she needs to grasp a pap smear every year at an ob/gyno and also there is a topical shot called Guardasil that can prevent women developing HPV, a adjectives cause of cervial cancer. i hope this help =)

What are they made of!?

Maybe she should talk to her gynecologist. She might recommend the gardisicil shot. I purely got my third one today.

She should hold pap smear every year.

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HPV shot. You carry it once every two months three times. Go see your doctor.

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Hey hon. Your girl have every right to be freaked out. In the state that I live in (South Dakota) they are working on giving every woman lower than 18 FREE vaccine to prevent this and other STD problems. Im not sure what state you are in but check around to see if there is anything resembling that. If she's really bothered about it alot, after I think she should definately catch the vaccine. You only own to get it a few times and your covered for the rest of your go. If the state you are in doesnt salary for it, it can be kinda pricey. But its worth it for the lifetime protection and peace of mind. Just keep relating her that it will be okay and that theres help out within that can assure her that she will never get it! I hope this help!
Take care :)
~Tyanna Lynae~

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