Gastric or lapband, I am married and own 2 children and a tubal ligation..?

290 lb female, 5' 3" hx: of hypothyroid controlled, moderate sleep apnea Tx=cpap, umbilical hernia,
I've tried it adjectives no self control,

Really scared. please lend a hand me.?

I did it. It's definitely a big result and has to one-sidedly work with you and your lifestyle. It's not as invasive as gastric bypass and it's daytime surgery. Some people bring back it confused with gastric bypass.

The cost is around $15,000 unelss you hold medical insurance that will cover it 100%. I wasn't that lucky but you can get financing. Your doctors department should be able to endow with you a list of companies that proposal financing.

It has almost be a year and I have lost 5 sizes (from a 20-12) contained by clothing. I was not an extreme crust. People who are bigger lose a lot more cargo faster. It's not that hard as long as you do what they make clear to you to do. I would say the most difficult piece is no more bread or carbination. But, now I really don't even concentration that it's missing from my diet. I can eat most anything simply not a lot of it. But, it's great because you in reality feel full and your brain tell you to stop eating.

I freshly saw myself heading down a road of no return. I kept dieting and gaining it stern plus more. It was a horrible cycle for 20 years. I wasn't an overweight character when I was younger. After I have kids, it kicked it into high gear.

I recommend you attend a seminar to seize better informed about Lap Band surgery. They will know how to answer all your question.

As a side note, I would be leary in the order of going to other countries to get it done. But, that's newly me. I have hear sucess stories but I would do my research thouroughly before taking that route. It's smaller number expensive but there is other a danger regardless.

Here is how I found mine:


Please please please HELP!?

that sites compares the 2 side by side

Birth Control?

Lapband, you hold much more control that way.

So I a moment ago ended that time of the month..?

I would categorically recommend the lap trimming.Since there is no adjectives anything except to get the instruments inside,it's much safer.Also,if something happen,and your body just can't pedal it for some reason,the nouns band is completely reversible.Good luck on your outing to be a healthier party!God bless.

This is a serious question?

Weight Watchers is great!! It is hugely different than any other diet. You go by points respectively day. The points are determened by calories, podgy and fiber. They determine how many points you go and get by your weight and rise. I wouldn't have the surgery. I cargo 271 pounds and I'm 5'6 and I have tried everything. Weight Watchers is the solitary thing I enjoy been competent to stick with. I've be on it for 2 weeks and have already lost 13 pounds and I haven't even started working out however. If you have the surgery you will lose the mass fast but you will own saggy skin because it is lost so fast. Then you will enjoy to have surgery to get hold of rid of the saggy skin. I would try weight watchers earlier you consider the surgery. The website below will give you a tour of consignment watchers. I hope that helps. Good luck

How do you consult to a therapist? help out please?

You are a high risk aspirant for gastric or lapband. I work in a hospital that specializes surrounded by these surgeries and unfortunately, I see more death from these procedures than the average person. Get more than one belief and make sure you know the history of any surgeon or physician that you are seeing and sort sure you understand their motives.

If you can't control your drinking now, you won't be capable of then, this is the misconception that most nation have. this is also a object many enjoy complications afterwards. The weight loss is in actual fact a result of the strick diet that you are put on after the procedure and not the procedure itself.

Start now, by choosing well again foods and eat adjectives you want. Think in terms of your robustness and not in vocabulary of weight loss. Each time you drink it is a choice of life or extermination. Choose life.

Works for me.

Okay, a moment ago started second pack of birth control?

I'm obese myself and have considered the knees band. I wouldn't even devise of the gastric bypass because I personally know six culture who went through it and merely one has kept the bulk off. To turn through major surgery and after fail again? I don't construe so. I have to check into the fastening surgery myself, but we all know what we enjoy to do. Calories in, calories out. So simple, on the other hand so hard. Good luck beside whatever you prefer.

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