Loss of Sex Drive?

I have absolutly no desire to own sex. It did'nt used to be that way, but for some foundation I've felt resembling this for a while now and I grain so bad for my boyfriend. We've be together 3 years and I know he gets frustrated. I in recent times do'nt know what to do. I am on birth control - Kariva. I've had my doctor adapt my birth control before, but it doesn't appear to make any difference. Anyone own a suggestion?

I have two small tight bumps on the labia lips. What could it be?

Let me see if I can win you a serious answer here.

First of all it sounds resembling you had a apt sexual relationship before because you said it didn't used to be that path. You weren't really clear though was other good near your boyfriend or have historic boyfriends made you feel better? that's a short time unclear but consent to's go on

You switch birth controls so you try to rule out them as problem. One ask would be to the loss of sexual interest start when you started birth-control pills? have you have a great deal of sexual interest while self on birth-control pills? those are good question could you need to completely rule out them as an issue.

Assuming that you're still attracted to your boyfriend and within are no other issues and that this loss of interest is universal contained by other words you're not interested in other guys either. So this could be physical and chemical… hormonal

Unfortunately may enjoy gotten the up side on medical help from drugs approaching Viagra to help them do their sexual dysfunction. Viagra have actually be tried in women but be very little nouns. While does supply more blood to the sexual organ and increases lubrication it doesn't do anything for interest.

There is a new medication surrounded by the works. It soon will be in clinical III trials and it will be the Viagra for women…. interestingly adequate it's also been tested within men. It works totally differently than anything else. And targets the desire nouns of the brain. Called Bremelanotide… unfortunately it's a few years away… but this is going to be like mad bigger than Viagra since it works on both sexes.

Advice Man

What are signs of a hormonal imbalance?

um I don`t know you dont want it because you dont need it

Please be serious. First time sex?

take viagra

Ball down nipple:S:S:S:S:S?

try flirting with other guys

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he is out of money isnt he? Try bringing in your best friend, that should cheer him up and it is the lowest possible you could do.

Scared for period!?

It could be due to your birth control. Here's a association to its side effects:
Ask your doctor if there's another one they recommend. Good luck!

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