What can I expect after getting tubal ligation? (after quitting Depo-Provera)?

I'm 31, with no children. Took Depo-Provera for 2 years and experienced counterweight gain, fatigue, no sex drive, and many more symptoms. I a short time ago had my closing shot a month ago and am going to have my tubes tied. I'm a moment ago curious as what to expect with have NO fake hormones whatsoever within me after being on birth control for 16 years.

Question something like my "period" while on the pill. {it's my first month on it}?

I had a tubal, around six weeks after getting married, I have 2 grown daughters, the worse chunk is that they have to use some description of gas, to dilate or expand where they are going to do surgery, adjectives I had to do, be spend the afternoon, at my mother-in-laws house, cause my husband be needed at work.

The biggest thing be being bloated and gassy.

You will be ok. Good Luck

Can you enjoy a baby next to bilateral tubal ligation.?

direct all question to your surgeon or gyn.

My girl friend is 10days late, taken 4 preg test all gloomy n period still aint here, wat should we do?

Sorry to influence this but we are not medical proffesionals on YA. Talk to your doctor.

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