After getting a tubal ligation, I've heard lots of women gain mass. Is this true?


Can dancing firm you up & assistance you lose weight?

No, it's not true. A tubal ligation does not affect hormone level. All it does is sever the fallopian tubes so the eggs can't reach the uterus and be fertilized. That have no way to affect bulk gain.

My tummy hurts Depo?

The women I know who have have it didn't gain any weight!

My interval is late help out!?

maybe a few pounds =some lose a few pounds as well

Will adjectives too much in sexual intercourse affect the woman's menstrual cycle?considering she's not pregnant

No, it didn't alteration things for me at all. Old wives parable.

What does this mean?

no. unless they celebrated at mcdonalds every time. it depends on what they eat afterwards

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