Who nows how to have really fitting sex?


Severe PMS?

me. you have to specifically TELL & WALK men thru what you want them to do, because they don't get hold of things on their own.

its more complicated to make a girl cim after a guy.

Just being honest works


It's be a while, but I'm sure it would all come rear to me...

First yeats infection kinda nervous.?

find a partner, use a condom, and do what feel good.

The size of a womans clitoris.?

I do I do!

Adult women, do you do climax with penile intercourse?

Pretend you are a porn star and are individual watched by lots, many ancestors!!! You and your partner will be amazed!!

Have fun!!

What foods help elarge breasts?


Insurance press?

I have really great sex near my husband! He rocks my world!...

How does it feel?

wait after married

Whats the difference between morning sickness and flu?

Most folks over 30-35 know what they're doing.

What can i use for syrouses?

ron jeremy qualified me everything i know.

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