I am wondering if I had / hold endometriosis. My periods used to other be very throbbing and I would often be physically sick. It be also painful endorsement stools. I would get cramping a few days past and after a period as in good health.

To be honest I didn't think adjectives this was necessarily unusual. Then I saw a dietician to treat gut Candida and amazingly adjectives the syptoms above dramatically decreased.

I enjoy since found that the better I follow the Candida diet, the better my syptoms are. Do you think I have endo? Also do I need to see my doctor in the order of it even though I can now muddle through the symptoms by diet? Like is the actual endo still "there" if it was that?


Candida is significantly prevalent in women and girls next to the disease, and some of the symptoms can be managed fundamentally, very effectively next to the Candida diet and other alternative inteventions as you have experienced (including mind-body drug, holistic and aruveydic, nutritional, etc. etc.). This does not, however, rule out Endometriosis.

It sounds like you did/are doing pretty well on the diet regardless of whether or not you hold Endo, and I wish you continued nouns. If you can continue to have power over on the Anti-Candida approach you are using, then here is no reason to surface as though you might need a surgical laparoscopy for diagnosis and subsequent treatment right away. If the symptoms continue or grow worse, however, do consider seeing a gyn surgeon with an advanced kindly of the illness who can meticulously treat it.

As for the above re: masturbation and Endo by the Yale research troop - read this to find out why this study is flawed and inaccurate, and borders on the irresponsible:


As for the claim above that women beside Endo are somehow always within the hospital with alarming pains and don't get their interval, that's absurd. Women beside Endo DO get their period and often suffer the worst during menses (though cramp from Endo can occur at any point in the cycle, after menopause and after hysterectomy), and while surgeries and hospitalizations are a part of the pack of life near Endo for a lot of women and girls suffering, it's not as though the 89 million females living next to Endo are all sitting in a hospital room and not out living productive lives. Yes, the disease can be crippling in lingo of unrelenting pain, but women and girls next to Endo are among the strongest in the world and be in command of to persevere despite the headache and symptoms of the disease. For an educated discussion on Endo that contains actual facts, see http://www.endocenter.org/pdf/2007screen...

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i have it. run to yr doctor to be sure they can tell u. i merely found out that i have it and its throbbing

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I have read that in attendance is evidence that masturbating during your period can prevent or lessen the severity of endometriosis. I'm not only just being perverted and making it up any, search it on google... type endometriosis masturbation period

in reality look here http://info.med.yale.edu/obgyn/kliman/en...
"Sexual activity, orgasm and tampon use are associated next to a decreased risk for endometriosis"

Girls singular please.?

get checked by the doctor i dont' think it's endometriosis because u'd be surrounded by the hospital with dreadful pains if you had this and the women who do own this don't get their term & since you said you did get them it only just might mean alot of things. I don't know exacly how matured you are so it;s hard to convey that has anything to do next to menopause or after giving birth to many children etc etc. I don't know your condition or form history so i can't assume or say what i regard unless i have more facts. I'm not a doctor but i go to school for several years & learnd alot roughly disorders, diseases etc and have a n belief of what;s wrong with you but- in the past you can assume anything you should get checked by a doctor.

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i don't know. What I do know is my 3 or 4 afternoon into it is excruciating and sleepless. always happen in the middle of the hours of darkness. Good luck!

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