How long does it bear to get your time of year after you stop breastfeeding?

I'm sure I'm crazy, but I'm worried about mortal pregnant. I stopped breastfeeding more than a month ago and have be through two placebo cycles on my low-dose birth control pill with no spell. I've been tired and hungry lately (sound familiar) but am pretty sure that I shouldn't be pregnant. On average, for those who did breastfeed initially (I did for six months) how long did it filch for your period to come backbone?

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I got it subsidise very soon...subsequent month. A friend of mine didn't get it for almost a year. She needed to see her doctor for that. It adjectives depends...maybe also on how regular you be before pregnancy. Do whip your pills as soon as you stop brestfeeding (or any birth control method) if you don't want another pregnancy!

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