Menopause; what's arranged, don't know who I am any more?

My doctor says my hormone level are good for my age (50).
My period are all over the place. I expect that, it is something I stir through with age. I know I am not "ill".
My moods are extreme, I honestly don't recognise myself sometimes. I don't want HRT.
Ladies, is this a adjectives thing? How long will it progress on for?
I have a lovely man but even he is wearing a tin helmet and waving a white flag most days!

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OMG! I know exactly what you mean... One minute i be perfectly ok doing my usual things and getting on beside life. I have been getting hot flushes on and past its sell-by date for a long time. But then in the future i found myself sitting and crying at the most weirdest things on tv. I dont cry that easily. But in recent times at the drop of a hat. Then in the future i have no perception what happened, but i turned into this babble mess. I was angry, agressive, argumentative, confused, HOT!! I bit past its sell-by date a piece of everyone who came in inches of me and i locked myself away in my room, in my bed. It was approaching the normal me disappeared the building and in came this huge monster and i couldnt do anything almost it. I'm not sure how long that episode lasted for but it frightened the hell out of me. I realised next that this huge bubble had burst and what arrived be the menopause. I'm 48, i dont want HRT. I did my own little research on the web and tried to find out what be going on and what i could do for myself. At present, i'm just watching what i munch through, take vitamins, and hold on to an eye on whats happening next to me and around me. I am aware there are alot of inborn remedies around, and keep a stock of them a short time ago in grip another weird episode arrives. But yes, my dear, we enjoy arrived at madness inn, lol! And we'll be dragged kicking and screaming through the door, but hey. this is enthusiasm. Just help your husband to build a bunker contained by the back garden. for you... Good Luck!

Period painss?

Normal yes. How long. Can't utter. Then there's the palpitations, hours of darkness sweats, hot flushes. Itchy skin, insomnia, lethargy, bladder problems, frenzy attacks, poor memory, poor concentration achy joints. Don't suppose you'll return with them all. Some just get any at adjectives.

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What you are experiencing unfortunately is pretty typical. You might try an estrogen suppliment made from vegetables that you buy as the pharmacy. Another thing you should definately is meditation, or some other group form of relazation. Increase your exercize help alot of people. Take a bit more time for yourself! This isn't careless, it will help you cope and lend a hand those around you too. Take a walk, get hold of a manicure, go out near your girlfriends more often. It may bring a year or two to get thru the worst of the moodswings! And it could bear longer than that to get thru it. Just transport better care of yourself..Hope this help. Been There.

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I did it completely natural - afraid to read aloud it can go on for fairly a while until the hormone levels adjust and the adrenal gland kick in beside some oestrogen.

Do take multivits, B group vits and anything recommended by the strength food shop - there are lots of products out at hand depends how much you want to spend and how much you want relief - phyto nutrients (soya phyto) is suppose to be tremendously good but costs at lb14 for a month's supply .

Do treat yourself to aromatherapy polish this may help too - drink lots of hose and take up meditation and relaxation, tai chi, yoga - you will call for to nurture yourself a bit more for the duration. Keep on treating yourself.

PS Soya Beans has automatic oestrogen in you might what to include these in your diet regularly also would recommend have Soya Milk on your breakfast serial instead of cows milk.

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Yes its normal everything in the region of it is nomal. Its not easy i know but when i be going through mine i kept myself busy. Long peaceful walk somtimes helped me. I also brought my partner to my GP who explained everything to us and it help my partner to understand me better. I found accepting that my body have to change and that i have to let it travel through that process also helped. Take thinking hope all go well....

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Yes, I'm 54 and going through indistinguishable thing, I can be material nasty, and I don't similar to being that approach, but I can't help it. Are you experiencing hot flashes too? I don't know how long it last, my doctor does'nt seem too concerned.

I take sick alot, does that mean anything special?

Hiya, i am 54 years feeble and started with the menopause/night sweats an bizarre 9 years ago. Thankfully, the periods hold now stopped but the sweats verbs and concentration a bit wobbly at times. How do I manage? Just adopt it all and try to remember that it is my hormones playing havoc and that underneath it adjectives, I am the same intelligent woman. I still control to hold down a responsible job and I preserve a journal to track the instability. I also write a lot of lists/things to do and this help me to feel organised and sane.

Good luck and, as Gloria Gaynor famously said, "I wiill survive."

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I started with an hasty menopause and have acupuncture once a month. Don't really entail it now but it's only just so lovely and relaxing - and yes, I was worried to death of needles, but not anymore. Acupuncture help a lot near the menopausal symptoms, and as it has done within my case, virtually eliminate them. It assists by balancing the hormones. For my first consultation and treatment combined it cost me lb40. I remuneration lb30 a month now, and I do struggle to money for this as I have children and pets, but it is a treat for me and I put the money aside for it. Vitamin supplements play a particularly important module in your form during menopause too. Try a multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically made for the menopause, there are several on the souk. Menopace is a good one. A drastically good herbal tincture to use first item in the morning in a small cup of marine - it's tasteless by the instrument, is Vitex (Agnus Castus). It helps to stability the hormones and reduces hot flushes, moodiness and dark sweats. 10 to 15 drops before breakfast. You can buy a bottle from most condition stores including Holland & Barratt. Vitamin B6 in a dose of 50 to 100 mg a day help with mood swings. Hope this help.

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Menopause is a stage within life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a run of the mill part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get satisfactory calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a time. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to trim down bloating associated with hormonal change. More information and remedies at

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