What should i do to achieve an Orgasm?

Im single and I cat seem to bring back an orgasm..What shoudl I do?
Ive tried a lot of 'toys' but i simply cant get one.
Any suggestions?

I own a bladder infection, I went to my doctor and he prescribed me near sulfatrim and told me not to have?

You are probably "trying" to hold an orgasm.just permit go, clear your mind and concentrate on the intuition. Sometimes wanting to have one and thinking roughly speaking it causes you to not own one. You need to hold a clear and open mind. You will own one soon enough!

Blahbody/pregnancy examine =/?

get a boyfriend and have him show you how ;-) it's much better that course.

Has anybody tried that over-counter pills for belly fat that WalMart have? It's $20. Does it work? How long?

Get an Hitachi Magic Wand, check out Betty Dodson.com, make time to play minus distractions and STOP trying.

Red Vaginal Bump Around Hair, Above Vagina?

lol i was wondering duplicate thing, I found this article useful...www.female-orgasm-sec...

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