What supplements help to muffle the size of fibroids?


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First of all, birth control pills can sometimes abet shrink tumors. But there is also a product call Limu Plus that is extremely moral for you and has be proven to help shrink tumors. You can read adjectives about it here at pubmed.gov type within the word Fucoidan which is the main ingredient in Limu Plus and you can cram more there from the policy site. There's over 600 independent scientific studies done on Fucoidan and they are adjectives amazing. I take Limu Plus every hours of daylight, 2 oz in the AM and 2 oz surrounded by the PM and now I can't live lacking it. Makes me feel great! Hope this have helped you. The site for the Limu itself is http://LiveFree.LimuPlus.com cram about it and want for yourself. Much love

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how do you know that you hold fibroids? and if some doctor told you, i am sure that you can ask him/her for supplement advice

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