Pregnancy and tubal ligation, has it happen?

anyone here, know someone, or had it transpire? Got tubes tied, not burnt, and get pregnant. Inquiring minds want to know.

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Yes, it is possible for the procedure to technically come to nothing, meaning the ovum can bring fertilized and then obtain implanted in the uterus, which would result within a normal pregnancy--which is shocking, but at most minuscule not really harmful to the mother.

Another possible consequence, which is not due to the letdown of the procedure is an ECTOPIC pregnancy, wherein the ovum is released from the ovaries, it reaches somewhere surrounded by the abdominal cavity or the lateral (closer to the ovary and away from the uterus) segment of the fallopian tube (the thing to be precise tied/destroyed), where sperms also conquer (since they r much smaller), and gets fertilized and implanted contained by the fallopian tube or elsewhere in the abdominal cavity. This is can be a highly painful condition, and potentially toxic if it ruptures. However, the best part is that this occurence is exceedingly in danger of extinction.

Bye. TC. And don't worry much--tubal ligation is a markedly routine and one of the simplest procedures, with incredibly rare occurence of complications of any compassionate.

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yep, it has happen, I know a woman who got her tubes tied at 19, and presently at 26 has 3 kids, and get them burnt after the end one. Not common, but can crop up

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I've particular 2 people who it happen to.
One was 9 years then and the other was 11 years latter.
And when I got mine done they told me because I be young at hand was a arbitrary they would "grow back together" contained by 7 years!

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It can happen if the tubes be not tied properly.

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