Does fatigue affect the removal of an ovarian cyst?

At the end of March 2007 I have to get surgery surrounded by order to remove an ovarian cyst attached to my gone ovary. It was a dermoid cyst and be about the size of a tot's head. After my follow up checkup near my surgeon he said I could go hindmost to work after about 8 weeks. I've be feeling really fatigue and low force since my surgery and I'm wondering if this is normal and how long it usually last. Also, will it affect my work at all?!?! Should I agree to my work know about it?!?!

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you should see the Dr again ,as you should be feeling better and the fatigue shouldn't be up

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recall/ yr dr/ and tell him what u said on here/most job will not let u come back/until y r cleared by the dr anyway/good luck

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