Orgasm relief?

I seem to be have orgasms all the time, even if i a moment ago think of sex i start have one, should i be worried about this? or is it conventional to have them like mad ?

Bad breath.?

if it contiunes to happen walk see your doctor...there be a girl like that on an episode of greys anatomy

My gyno did a pap on me and said I hold high risk HPV..?

wow i muse most women would envy you...i know i do right now..

smartypants..the question is do you know what an orgasm is? what you freshly described on your comment is an orgasm,,,its the uterus and vaginal wall all contracting..duhhhh

adv. registered nurse practioner...

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16 year infirm female, underarm mane problem?

whats ur name and where on earth can i find you?

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its middle-of-the-road wen u get orgasm masturbate

Im curious?

Be worried something like it? Only if you're driving and you have one (dangerous- personal experience) Every woman wishes she could hold many orgasms. No, it's not conventional, but in this case-screw person normal!

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oh.i'm soooooo jealous. you must enjoy a great life and a incredibly healthy heart.

Why do ethnic group slom because i do and i dont know why.?

You might just be confused almost what really is an orgasm. I know when i start to get aroused (like when i'm thinking almost sex) my vagina will contract. This is not an orgasm but rather the muscles react to the blood flow and beginning to relax to allow for intercourse. I wouldn't verbs.

Birth control?

i would think that would be a apt thing.

How probable is it to get pregnant sour precum after the guy has urinated?

Hell yeah girl your one of the lucky ones.

Early signs of pregnancy?

I hold to admit, I am controlling. I don't think it would be a serious problem. Since an orgasm is the contracting of the vaginal walls. Are you sure you are have them all the time? Is at hand any stimulation going on before the orgasm itself?

If it is affecting your go then shift to a doctor. But next time it happen take record of everything you are feeling after compare it to the physical discription of an orgasm.

I once heard that when a woman bang her head she have an orgasm. So many things can trigger them sour.

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