yeah, this is a serious question. sometimes i can orgasm when i masturbate but they arent that angelic. I have have one good one beside my partner. Is there any creative ways that anyone uses/has used/or own heard of.ive tried a few things, nil seems to work too ably. help please?


Have you ever used a vibrator or a dildo that vibrate? The cheap ones will give you only just that, a cheap orgasm but, the expensive ones can give you mind blowing orgasms. They hold ones that you can insert inside of you that rotate that stimulate your g spot while the outter part of the vibrator sits on your clit and vibrate profusly causing you to own several different types of orgasms but, like i said, these type of vibrators are't cheap. They can cost up to $100 but come surrounded by all sizes and shapes to fit your fancy. Also i've have great sucess with my wife near the glass dildos. They too are terribly expensive but, the pyrex ones are a great subsitute and much cheaper. You can use heat and cold next to these type dildos which for most women is very pleasurable but, i would buy the first one i told you nearly. They call it the rabbit, or the dolphin etc.

Happy masturbation lol.

Is something wrong?

Get you a Rocket. They read out they sure work.

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Why does this always surface, its gross!?

Got five minutes?

Girls please. answer. serious question.?

Try doggy style next to your partener and if thats not workin then when your masturbatin perceive around the inside of yourself and the wall closes to your clit should be your g spot all you got to do is find it in in attendance and trust me you should have a devout orgamsm

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Try reverse cowboy position to start. With him lying on his back you straddle him, but facing away (with you pay for to his face) then lean backbone until you are lying on his belly. He can move in and out of you easily and you can control the depth of permeation. This also alows him to play with your breasts, which may or may not be arousing to you, and best of adjectives you can masturbate your clit with a free mitt. Added bonus, he cannot see the goofy face your making while your playing beside yourself.

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Ok how are you masturbating? the best opening is to gently rub your clitoris.During sex its not comfortable for a woman to orgasm, but you can acheive this by making sure he is above you, so that when hes thrusting his penis is in contact with your clitoris.this will appropriate a bit of practise but its worth it. If you cant do it that way you can other slip your finger in and rub your clitoris that way upright luck

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don't have a sneaking suspicion that about it. freshly enjoy the time that you're have. if you think something like having an orgasm while have sex then believe me, you won't enjoy one!!

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