Are these Endometriosis symptoms?

I don't want to ask this but I have to. Okay first bad I want to say that I own a normal 28 year cycle every month, hardly any dull pain. BUT I do have discomfort in my pelvic nouns, it feels resembling it is in my uterus or something, The strain would usually come around mid cycle and just hurt, also everytime I enjoy sex it is pain full, I be set to I literally cried in my husbands arms closing night because I could not please him. Missionary is the position that we mostly do because of the spasm, and even that is uncompfortable. Sex hurts everytime and he is not really big. I havent be to the doc's yet I am startled. I want to have children, be 22 years of age and dont plan on having children untill something like 27, I just want to be capable of have a child even if its one, but dont know what s going on. Could those be symptoms, should i even be concerned?

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The only channel to confirm a diagnosis of Endometriosis is via surgery. However, your symptoms are indicative. Pelvic pain at any point in the cycle, accompany by (among many other symptoms) dyspareunia are among primary symptoms of the disease.

I would suggest visiting the following join to learn adjectives about the disease and review the interactive tools therein near your doctor. While there is no entire cure, there are option to treat the disease and you don't have to suffer. Hopefully this will back you get a better penetration (includes a pain review and symptom checklist):

Good luck.

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You really need to run get a pap smear done. You can phone up your health department and they can relieve you. You need to carry this taken care of if you really want children someday. Why walk through this when there is help out? :) Good luck!

This is a serious question for the ladies?

you really should progress to see a doctor.. then you will know whether you own the endometriosis...

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