Pregnant or Stress?

Im 6 days late on my cylce. Im customarily regular with it. I wen to see my Dr. Wed. run a Pregnancy test and it be negative. I spoted 3 times ultimate week on 3 different days. I had a buoyant pink sorta brownish discharge yesterday with no odor almost adjectives day. But my cycle is still not here. I am not really stressed out completely much. Has anyone ever had this take place? I have never simply spotted before a time of year. I do have 1 child so i know what it feel like to be pregnant and i know the symptoms. I dont surface any of that. Im just asking for suggestions. Oh and i am going to the bathroom more frequently, and alot more thirsty than usual.

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You're stressed out, because you're worrying about you're cycle and/or mortal pregnant.

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if you've already had the oral exam and you think it's right, step with that. but if you own any doubts, test again in a week. sometimes I've missed my time of year, only spotting, or be late. stress will do that. you may not even realize that you're stressing. you may be going to the restroom more because you're drinking more. your hormonal change can make you thirsty. a moment ago act mundane, and if you haven't gotten your period, or it starts bothering you, catch a home test and see what it say. good luck!

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It is probably stress. sometime I own only sooner or later periods and I am regular.

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u are just to worried STILL thinking your preg, so jus enjoy fun cuz you arent! stop stressin and itll come!!

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