3 years since my cervical cancer.?

It has be 3 years since i had cervical cancer i go in and have the treatments done but since then it seem like i other get UTIs and my skin is highly sensitive down below esp if i shave..and certain soaps bother me as okay..Is there anything i can do to hang on to from getting UTIs or irritation as often?

Thank you

I can't enjoy sex because it's too damn PAINFUL. Help me please?

In my opinion, you involve to speak to your doctor about this. If you're taking medication for your frequent UTIs, it should be in your files, and your doctor should be doing something about it. There could be an underlying make happen for your UTIs. The should refer you to an Urologist for testing.

Speak next to your doctor about the irritation as in good health. You may need to switch to soaps for sensitive skin. You could try using a feminine wipe up as well.

What is G ??

Maybe you should see your own doctor something like this.


You should ask your doctor.
He'd probably know.

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drink cranberry liquid, urinate when you need to, don't hold it for following, urinate after sex, wipe from front to back, and use soap that doesn't irritate your skin. also avoid tight pant and underwear.

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