Menopause sound out. I have not have a period within about 18 months. Now I am have one!!?

I have be having hot flashes, hours of darkness sweats, the whole gamut of menopause symptoms. I started taking Soy Isoflavones something like 2 months ago and it really helped beside those symptoms. But now I'm have a period again? I thought I be done with it! Is this regular?

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i would progress to the doctor. my mother didn't have a time of year for 2 years and then she get it. they are checking her for ovarian cancer. i would go surrounded by and be checked out, just to be sure its not something serious. Good luck!

Laprascopy surgery counsel?

Do you mind if I ask you how old you are? Also, hold you had uterine surgery just now or even a miscarriage?
The reason I ask is that you could be suffering from Ashermans Syndrome if you have any type of uterine surgery, but with your age, it seem that it is normal.


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Past a lasting age the periods become extremely irregular, sometimes heavy, sometimes table lamp and often beside months in between. This is currently taking place to me also. My advice is see your doctor.


Menopause is a stage contained by life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a average part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get satisfactory calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a daytime. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to cut back bloating associated with hormonal change. More information and remedies at

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