Cervical Cancer?

I had a short time ago two biopsy's done last week and my Ob believes at hand is a good indiscriminate I have milgnant cell in my cervix. I am so worried that I have Cervical Cancer and what if it spread already or will spread after a procedure. He doesn't want to transmit me details of the procedure until the results come back the earliest I would find out would be Friday. Has anyone gone through matching thing?

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I have two biopsies that were discouraging as well. Fortunately, my doctor picked this up awfully fast and I didn't enjoy cancer. I did end up have a small portion on my cervix removed by laser surgery. The surgery didn't hurt, I was in recent times very tired from the anesthesia. Make sure that you own a good doctor that you trust.

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Yep, I have to have a hysterectomy (4/2007) because of it. Luckly my didn't spread ancient the uterus. It could be just dysplashia and they can treat it next to a leep procedure which is usually done in-office with mild discomfort.

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