Pap exams = Pain?

I'm going for my first gynecological visit subsequent week.

Nobody seems to want to be frank next to me on whether it hurts or not. They avoid the subject.

Give me all the details, I'm coy. :)

Girls help?

Not a big promise at all. I work within ob/gyn. Here's what will happen.

You will sign surrounded by and fill out a questionnaire. Know when you have your very first length. Also know the date of the first day of your second period. How masses pregnancies. Family history; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
Dates of past surgeries.

Next you will be taken to an exam room. Your plane and weight will be measured. You may be asked to hand over a urine sample. Sometimes, you will supply a tiny blood sample near a finger prick. Your blood pressure will be taken.

You will be asked to change into a gown. Remove everything but your socks.

You will set on an exam table and the doctor will enter, introduce herself and discuss your questionnaire next to you and ask you about any problems or concerns you own. She will listen to your heart and lungs and possibly feel your glands. You will after lie backbone on the table. Your doctor will conduct a breast exam, uncovering one breast at a time. She will then palpate your belly. Next you will slide down on the table and place your feet surrounded by stirrups. The doctor will perform a digital (finger) exam next to one hand and the other mitt will press on your pelvis. She is feeling your uterus and ovaries, checking for piles. Next she will insert a speculum into the vagina. A speculum is a metal or plastic "shoe horn" type instruments that is slid into the vagina and screwed clear, so the doctor can gain access to the cervix. She will insert another instrument, which is long and thin which take a small sample of your cervical tissues. The merely discomfort comes from the speculum, which is can be a little pinchy and stretchy. But nought major. About close to wearing shoes two sizes two small (but since it is the vagina... it feels more urgent). She will afterwards remove the speculum and the exam is done!

She will discuss her preliminary findings with you. And you will be call with the results of the pap smear (If you are not call, make sure you telephone call them)

You should also have more time to speech to your doctor at the end of your exam.

I know you are uptight. That's natural. But believe me. we look at the body completely surrounded by a diagnostic manner. We've see every body type, and heard every possible story. By the time your doctor have seen you "down there" she have already seen thousands of other women. So don't be shy

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It's self-conscious but not painful.

The Brest of things?

this will describe you everything you need to know

and it doesnt hurt

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it does not "hurt", just trust your doctor and relax... it only just might feel somewhat uncomfortable.

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Nothing to be coy about. I'm not going to cross the threshold details here but it's not painful. Google pap smear and see if you can find what you want.

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It's not niggle free and it's not really painful per se. It's purely uncomfortable and last about 30 second. Most doctors are good just about getting it done and over with. It's basically once a year and millions of other women do it, so you can do it.

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Paps should not be painful, when they cut the cervix, it is uncomfortable, update the doctor, and he/she will walk you through everything they will do, since it is done. Good Luck!

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You don't feel a point. You feel the cold aluminum. You surface just a bit bit of pressure. Just make sure the doctor behave himself. Sometimes they get rather excited and do some extra touching.

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My best advice is simply to relax. If you anxious up it can be uncomfortable but not aching. One thing I do is breath surrounded by through my nose and out through my mouth slowly (as you would do if you be jogging). This helps me relax.

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...It shouldn't hurt too much, you should of late feel discomfited, if they use clamps to keep you unscrew this might be cold and uncomfortable and when they cut it's a little humiliated but generally it shouldn't hurt. Good luck they are as a rule a breeze, just shut your eyes if you requirement to.

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If you'v had sex since it will not be painful most potential, but if you've never had sex it might surface like the first time have sex, which hurts like a **.

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Honestly I be afraid that it would hurt because everyone told me it would. Basically all you feel is something cold and frozen and you might flinch at first but it's basically pressure. It unsophisticatedly just feel like someone made a fist and is pressing down on you. I really didn't hold a problem with it approaching i thought i would. You shouldn't be in strain. good luck.

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well wne i go near you need to be relax because if your not yes it hurts wend they do the tryout to me it really hurts because if your not relax you are to tighten and it hurts

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No judgment to be nervous no anguish should be felt. Avoid sex the darkness before. Do not shift during your period. You lay down next to your legs flexed and doc sticks a applicator up that looks like a q tip. They also do a breast exam and will answer any question you have. Feel free to ask give or take a few sex, birth control etc they hear it all. If you are really concerned remind them that it is your first time also if you feel more comfortable you can rec quest to enjoy a nurse in the room. Do not be troubled it is not as bad as it seem and they maintain your privacy pretty capably to. Good luck you will do fine!!

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It doesn't hurt but it can be physically uncomfortable and for a while awkward. There really isn't much to tell. You bring on the table, put your feet where on earth they tell you and scoot down to the fringe of the table. Then the doctor will look at your vagina and insert a speculum to get better access. Then she will appropriate a long swab and rub it on your cervix to collect cells for conducting tests. It's not painful in recent times hard and sometimes cold. Try your best to relax because when you're too diffident your muscles tense up and you'll grain it more.

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No, it's not painful, but it is self-conscious. After all, someone will be closely examining your vagina.

First, trademark sure your OB/GYN knows this is your first exam. Ask him/her to explain the steps as s/he does them. Ask them to agree to you know if something is going to feel out of the ordinary, pinch, etc. Ask him/her to let you know if one of the instruments will be cold (some perceive cold even when they're not, just because room warmth is less than the heat of your body). Aslo, if you think you'll surface odd beside a male doctor, ask for a feminine instead. I've never had a problem beside either but when I first started going, I preferred a feminine doctor. Lastly, if you have question, write them down now, because you might forget them when you get in that due to nerves. You only draw from a few minutes with your doctor, so use them judiciously!

I hope this helps. :)

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more self-conscious than painful. the weirdest division for me was the vaginal swab. they bear a mascara wand looking thing and swab the inside of your produce. that's a strange feeling...again, not itchy, just humiliated.

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hello. Are you a virgin? if you are then i dont suggest you should do a pap exam. but if u aint, then the exam is not uncomfortable, it is just a bit uncomfy. until that time they insert the thing inside you, of late take a philosophical breath, it helps. its pretty efficient. dont worry.

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