Huge fibroids, myomectomy, and hysterectomy?

I was hoping to find someone out near who's had immense fibroids and had to own either a myomectomy or a hysterectomy because of them. I'd similar to to know what your personal experiences are with the fibroids/complications from them, what your experiences are from the myomectomy and/or hysterectomy you have. Are you glad you did it? Do you feel better presently? What symptoms have you have since you had the procedure(s)? Thank you to adjectives who answer seriously!

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I have lot of fibroids in 2004. I didn’t enjoy much sign of the fibroids only sign be heavy bleeding during the first year of my period. I be on diet at that time to reduce some solidity and at the same time I have bleeding. So I was really sick because of anemia. I have dizziness and weakness. I be really sick at that time. But I never thought I could have fibroids within my uterus.
I went to doctor and he feel lump in my lower belly. Ultra sonogram showed that I have copious fibroids of size 18 weeks pregnancy. Doctor advised mayomactomy, but beforehand that she advised to steal 4 shots of luprone injection to reduce the size of the fibroids.
At the establishment of 2005, I had mayomactomy. Doctor removed 28 fibroids. She also said that near were lot more tiny fibroids inside my uterus which could not be removed. I come up with the luprone injections were useless contained by my case.
I have to take 1 month bed rest after the surgery but the surgery didn’t fall the heavy bleeding during interval. Doctor told me to try to get pregnant after 6 months of that surgery. I tried to attain pregnant but the fibroids grew again bigger in size just within 6 months. After 1 year the fibroids grew again as big as size of 22 weeks pregnancy.
Luckily I got pregnant surrounded by Dec 2005. Now I'm 25 weeks pregnant with adjectives the fibroids. I'm huge now, look approaching 10 months pregnant. Doctor will do hystorectomy when he does cesarean surgery to give birth of the tot.
I think contained by my case the 1st surgery wasn’t to successful because If I could grasp pregnant with no tons fibroids now consequently I might get pregnant minus having the surgery at first place. So I didn’t own to face tight expensive surgery at the first place. I could have simply 1 surgery to give birth of the babe as well as remove the uterus.
I hold to other option other the hystorectomy immediately because I have fibroids which grow really hasty and they are many surrounded by number.

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Are you conducting some sort of survey? If yes, I estimate you ought to say it, not salt away your intentions. If its for yourself, I would assume a more personal question,but conceivably its only me. I get the impression very self-conscious to answer your question put contained by such a clinical way.

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i havent have one, but my mother has. {We enjoy discussed this alot since my medical history is following hers step by step.} She had massive fibroids and had a complete hysterectomy. After the first couple of weeks she be fine and glad she did it. (She was really tired and get worn out easy, but have hardly any distress.) She had laposcopic done and be released the next morning. She experienced instant menopause and went on a hormone cream that help tremedously. She said it was the best item for her because there be no more painful period or cramps to deal near.

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I have fibroids and polyps, as economically as cysts on my ovaries. I am scheduled fo rhyst. on the 11th, sorry I can't be of give a hand to you yet. Best of luck!


I own had two huge cysts removed from my abdominal wall and not long went through a TAH. I love have no periods, but do not similar to the hot flashes. I am on hormones but still working out the dosage. I feel better, I hold no pain contained by my abd anymore and they found a ton of endo eating up every feminine part of me. Most of my stresses own been mental. I can`t bear on myself some days.

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