My doctor say I have a thyroid problem, what are my option for treatment? What should I be prepared for?

My doctor told me I have an overactive thyroid gland and sent me to the hospital to whip radioactive pills for a thyroid scan. Now he's sending me to a specialist. He said its not cancer but he's afraid to give me treatment. I'm worried and I don't know what to expect subsequent.

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The specialist is credible an endocronologist. Nothing to fear. You will feasible be given a series of drugs to go on.

Your doctor doesnt want to afford you treatment because he's not fully aware of what drugs you will need to steal. Trust me when I tell you that to be precise a good doctor. He is looking out for your best interest.

Take this one step at a time and breathe.

Here is some information for you. Time to school yourself:

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dont verbs,relax or it will get worse.a moment ago watch your special diet.

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most likely they'll newly give you a better medication to take. dont verbs, they arent serious problems, i just hear that they label you really tired is all.

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there's nothing to verbs about. It's everyday to go to as specialist for the right treatment.

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Normal procedure for thyroid case is to do a TSH4 blood tryout b4 yr doctor could give u the right cure.Well,if he doesnt know n desires to send u to the specialist,do follow his instruction to win a better cure.There are 3 alternative to this case.1 is operate n remove the entire gland,2nd is to embezzle iodine which is a very small portion but u hv to be isolate for 3 days in need going out,3rd is to take medication which is pink in color n u hv to be monitor every 3 to 6 mths. Removal of the entire is better as it will stop all yr probllems from relapsing but obviously u hv to take pills for life to substitute the lost.Myself is a adjectives thyroid patient n I'm speaking thru experience.Operation is the best as if u bear the iodine,it will relapse.But of course,u still hv to listen to what yr doctor proposal.

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I have the same treatment. Your Doctor is only looking out for your welfare by sending you to a specialist. An endocrinologist will be able to regulate your medication much more effectively than a regular GP can. I Tried getting mine regulated beside my regular doctor after my treatment and after 6 months of misery I was sent to a specialist and be back to my mundane self in no time. Just be prepared that you will get the impression tired for a while until they can get your level (thyroid hormone replacement) up to the correct dose. This is nothing to verbs about. It is glibly treatable. Good Luck

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